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  1. Well Wisycom has not a fixed frequency plan. The full memory of 40 group by 60 frequency is fully programmable. For instance you can make your own preferred setup by area or zipcode. Any group/channel can be left open, lock or just hidden, to do this you must have a programmer or a usb/serial cable if you have a superslot flange. With this and the Manager Sw you can also use the receiver as spectrum analyser and coordinate intermod free frequencies. In any case not all channel are pre-programmed and lock. Higher groups are usually open so you can put manually the frequency you want. Hope that explain a bit more the philosophy ... of course there is always room to improve and suggestions. /max
  2. We all work in this audio business for passion u do not bother me. But my people in support@wisycom.com certainly can help u in a more effective way, especially if a The am formula is a simple correlation between link budget and distance/frequency. But it is not true in real application u never get double coverage with half frequency. U may have some dB advantage on signal levels, but with a good antenna positioning or good frequency/squelch setup u improve 10/20 dB. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Free space propagation states: Lfs = 32.45 + 20Log10(dkm) +20Log10(fMHz) Normally your range is actually dominated by diversity (true diversity gives a big advantage in environment with a lot of reflection), noise on your frequency (remember that every time u can lower your squelch of 3dB is like doubling the power of your Tx), antenna positioning! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. As info this issue with Tram was solved with a revision fix down July 2013. This is mainly due to the very high impedance of the Tram Mic. Since then the output stage is optimized for Tram too and if you like to apply a revision fix to previous MTP40 u can just call our service at support@wisycom.com. Ciao /max
  5. Well 2000 has a Hdx compander wich is same of Evolution. So use "evo" Ciao
  6. As per time being we have a dealer in Australia: OnAir solution, www.onair.com.au /max
  7. I have been not looking to this site since a while ... But is always good to listen to end user and share some information. Just few quick answ.: First of all, Wisycom ENG/Studio products are FCC approved (of course only on 470-700 band). We have up to 3 stages filters with 600 calibrations point (drive by digital-potentiometer) to protect the receiver. OIP3 of pre-amplifier stages has been properly increased. For instance on MRK960 OIP3 is higher than 20 dBm and filtered, i cannot think of any Motorola able to create de-sensitization or blocking. Of course we are very interested to american market and we try to start before the end of this year. /max
  8. Well they memorized the on/off status. You can use a switch on the 12V power supply to turn them all on/off.
  9. Chanel with lower interferences are: 54-55-58-59 (European channels) But it seems a lot of people is going there so I do not how much empty spot. Ps) if u r in Italy u can pass to Wisycom (free coffee with Grappa)
  10. Well MTP40 bodypack transmitter it is available already delivered on the market with 230 MHz bandwidth, phase cancelling of intermodulation, multicompanding and 48V powering for shotgun also available an economic version or the MCR42 in the bodypack form factor... We already delivered those to many big customers in Europe although the official launch is for IBC in september. By the way MCR42 is also FCC approved now
  11. I really really would like to sell my stuff at those list prices, but u understand I cannot talk about prices in this forum We mainly sell to big Broadcasters and rentals in big quantity so in that price list there is a big big discounted. I can just giving you information on price positioning: - MRK950 is usually sold at a price similar of Sennheiser 3732 although is based on a much more powerful DSP (SHARK class) with pratically no audio delay and the double bandwidth. - MCR42 usually comes with higher price than Lectro but not that much. Then if you like to have a MIC with a very expensive Schoeps capsule ... in this case the price goes up. But honestly I really love Schoeps sound Nevertheless to attack market different than big broadcasters or rentals, we are also introducing a more economic range with slightly lower RF performances but this will be shown at Pro-lite and Nab. Massimo Polo Sales and Marketing Manager Wisycom
  12. NiMh rechargeable batteries have a better current sourcing capability ... means usually it last longer on portable device. - We tested (2011) our Tx with many Alkaline batteries and the best performing brand was ENERGIZER, more 10h (50mW) and 14 hours (10mW) with our MTP30 tranmitter. - With good NiMh rechargeable batteries u can get at least a 5/10% better than alkaline, but of course u need to take in consideration the wearing out of capacity during life. /mAX Wisycom
  13. Hi Daniel, I am from Wisycom so I hope to be able to give u more info: *** We are the preferred choice of most of European Broadcasters thus we have a service center in all European countries. In Germany we are supported by SONO or by Audio-Technica Germany. *** Transmitter is remote controlled thru IR and can sync with the receiver. *** We recommend to use digital output since Sony cameras have a very bad analogue audio circuits. Thus entering digital AES3 u got more than 130 dB dynamic! *** There is very well defined difference between true diversity and other kind of “antenna diversity”. Although u can find many kind of antenna diversity, true diversity is the most performing schema and means to have a complete receiver for each antenna. Besides the “diversity gain”, where possible the audio of 2 receiver is also combined giving and additional 6dB audio quality gain (3dB uncompressed). A true diversity receiver had the double complexity versus a simple antenna diversity so it is usually used for high end application. *** You can use the receiver with other manufacturer transmitters (also G3), but in this case u are limited by Tx bandwidth. MCR42 is able to work in 232 MHz range with high selective movable filter, that give you a great flexibility of work. Well If you need more info just le me know. By the way u can find us in Frankfurt Pro-lite and sound 2012 or at Nab 2012. /mAx Wisycom
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