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  1. Is there a motion detecting security system in the room? Those use high frequencies and I've heard of them causing problems with G3's.
  2. Here's a pic of a HI-Q battery plugged into a BGDU. All the data reads the same.
  3. check the connection between the STA100 and TRX900, they can be tempermental.
  4. on the Nomad, go to Zaxnet Setup and change TRANSPORT CMDS to OFF.
  5. There is a hardware difference between the 12 and the other Nomads, but it is possible to do the software unlock for track count without having the additional hardware installed. However, if you paid for the upgrade but never sent it in for the new hardware, you should still be able to have it done.
  6. Forrest Forbes, at our Burbank location, regularly works on Nagras.
  7. The 633 has 12 volt phantom, and that isn't the same as 12 Volt T-power - that's why it doesn't work. You will have to us the 48V phantom to 12V Tpower adapter.
  8. Philippe Chenevez, owner of Cinela, and Nominee for the CAS Technical Achievement Award for the Cinela "Pianisimo", is in Los Angeles now to attend the Awards Banquet Saturday night. We wish him luck! Philippe will be at the Trew Audio Burbank store Friday (tomorrow) and Saturday to see as many sound professionals in the area as possible. It's a great opportunity to meet the man behind the sensational Cinela suspensions and windshields. This comes in addition to our Zaxcom Open House with Glenn Sanders, also happening tomorrow from 11:00-2:00. And finally, we will have our Burbank store open this Saturday (February 14) from 10am-noon, for those traveling in for the CAS Awards who would like to see the new location. We hope to see you there! 2243 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505
  9. I guess their thought was that potentially losing a windscreen was better than potentially losing a microphone due to the mesh cap being separated from the body of the mic. Like I said, I've had customers needing to have their mics go out of commission and need to be repaired because of this, so it seems valid to me.
  10. I spoke to Plus 24 about this, and they changed them because the old style of the windscreen removing the mesh cap from the microphones. I've had several customers who have had this issue, so this makes some sense to me They said it has been a little while since the change and they only had the new style windscreens in stock.
  11. We have have a pair in the shop - it seems very well built. With the move and construction, I haven't had a chance to test them, but I have high hopes. Here are the specs: *BETSO SHARKIE* - 8dB of avarage gain (peak 9dB), cardioid directivity - excellent VSWR < 1.2 (absolute minimum power is reflected) - ultra low noise onboard amplifier with variable gain between -6 to 20dB (noise of LNA IC is less than 0.75dB!!!) - high IP3 (higher than 34dBm) - automatic LED display brightness setting (for optimal power consumption, for dark scenes, where higher brigntess could cause problems) - manual setting of brightness is available too (hold both buttons together for 2 seconds) - very durable design in comparison with competitors - water resistance (rain is absolutely no problem because of sealings) - low power consuption (in comparison with competitors needs 50% less power), powering through cable (from receivers) 5-20V DC $579/each
  12. Wyatt- I'm glad I could help. There are actually TWO batteries in the 788t -- one is the Time Of Day battery, the other is the actual timecode battery. The TOD battery is easily accessed and can be swapped quickly as Wyatt described. The Time code battery is a more difficult and time consuming process - it involves removing a circuit board - and should be done at an electronics bench. And Miles is right, it is recommended that a qualified tech do both procedures to avoid any problems.
  13. It could be either a 2032 or a 1220, it all depends on your serial number. SN HP15xxxxxxxx / JC03xxxxxxxx and newer use the 2032, SN HP14xxxxxxxx and before use the 1220.
  14. The Sennheiser compander that Wisycom uses, labeled "ENR-WISY" in the US models and "SENN" on the European, is HyDynPlus.
  15. This is normal when using the Sennheiser Battery eliminators with a BDS - there is no built in isolation. In the past, our service department has installed inline dc/dc isolators to correct this. They found a fairly small solution, that is about 1" x 3/4" x 1/2" and works really well.
  16. For vintage and unusual music gear, check out Future Music in Highland Park. http://www.yelp.com/biz/future-music-los-angeles-2
  17. This might give you some ideas - it's a headphone based virtual 5.1 system with headtracking http://north-america.beyerdynamic.com/shop/headzone-headphone-surround-system.html
  18. It looks like there has been a firmware update! That's great news, because the board has a lot of compelling features.
  19. The MixPre-D is commonly used to add an additional two analog inputs to a Deva. The Deva only has 8 analog ins, so it's perfect if you are running an analog board and need more than mix and 7 isos.
  20. In the US, Sennheiser mode, aka HiDyn Plus, is in the menu as ENR. Maybe it's different in the European menus?
  21. This Wednesday July 30th! Join us at our Los Angeles branch as we host Massimo Polo for a special Wisycom Q&A session. Massimo will be discussing some future firmware updates, getting the most of your system, and best practices for wireless on set. The event starts at 10 am PDT. You can RSVP by emailing rsvp@trewaudio.com
  22. Sorry to be colloquial. The Wisycom MCR42 has four receivers inside, giving it two "receiver diversity" receivers.
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