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  1. The Cos-11D & DPA 4061 seem to be favorites, have anyone else tried the ECM-88B? I have been using them very successfully for many years:
  2. ​That's what I thought too initially. It appears SONY has two iterations of both the rack & slot mounted receivers: SONY DWRR01 & SONY DWRR02. In the second iteration they added the extra functionality of adding a 4-pin DC power connector. DWR-R01 DWR-R02
  3. I have similar results like Stijn with my transmitters too. I power two receivers using a NiMH NP1 battery (60W) for 3/4th of a day. Which seems normal in my experience. How do you use your rack mounted receivers Stijn: Cart-based or fixed installation? What powering options do you use?
  4. Perceptions, which are usually swayed by popular opinion, could be the main reason why the Sony DWX is not that popular. People, in general, are resistant to change. When these systems were first announced and launched, way back in 2010, I remember excitedly posting about their very innovative features in a Facebook group for Sound Mixers. However, the post did not get much attention. Most people were comfortable using, or investing, in the already established popular manufacturers (which was the general response from those that bothered to reply to the post). Coming from an Electronics and Communication Engineering background, I was able to really appreciate the advances Sony had made through this system so I invested in them without batting an eyelid. Even the ECM-88BC which had a radically different design did not get much attention (which was also launched around the same time) because people preferred the COS-11D's to it, despite its very innovative feature: Zero cable-handling noise (something sound mixers are really plagued with when using lavaliers). Another system that launched shortly after, which also did not get much attention, and was far ahead of the other players, is the Axient system from Shure. Shure says they designed the Axient system with the "live-performance" audio engineers in mind, but I do not see any reason why these systems cannot be used by cart based mixers. Human nature?
  5. My mistake, I shouldn't have given credit to Sony that Zaxcom deserves. I just asked a question regarding compatibility of SONY DWR with the SL-6 and was curious to know how things would move forward, or not? I am invested in Zaxcom too, so I appreciate the innovation of your products too Glenn
  6. Maybe the information is inaccurate, but it appears that Sony was the first to introduce the "Slot-in" type receiver unit into the market in 1995, according to their own history: https://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/cat-audio/resource.solutions.bbsccms-assets-micro-proaudio-solutions-HistoryOfSonyMicrophones.shtml
  7. Innovation comes from being and thinking different, Sony basically started the digital wireless innovation, which other manufacturers like Lectrosonics, Audio Ltd., Sennheiser, etc. are now catching up to. I was using features in my DWX series that weren't even available by any other manufactures for years later. I like innovation. Collaboration between commercially competitive innovators, depends on their respective decision makers, on which I have no particular say or opinion about. All I have is the power to invest, which I did for Sony's innovation. As an end user, in my ideal world, I wish all innovators could collaborate, which then bumps up the resulting products, and tools, I could use to do my job more effectively and easily.
  8. Good to know some interaction is happening between them, hopefully they will be able to integrate and provide a solution. I did come across information somewhere mentioning the same issue. I noticed this issue as well. Would that mean that they will have to design a variant of the SL-6 which is specific to SONY to be able to integrate?
  9. Anybody else want the SuperSlot to be compatible with the SONY DWX series wireless systems? I believe they are the same form factor as the Lectro & Wysicoms?
  10. Glen, I have two of these cables to work with my MKH8050's. Bought them intending to use them for car scenes to rig up plant microphones on the visors. Never put them to any use, since I never got to work on any car scenes. However, the cable is very flexible, soft and easy to bend. Which was one of the main reasons I invested in them.
  11. Those were my exact first thoughts as well, however, I was wondering, since the summing amplifier inside takes the LR inputs channel and sums them into an output that is heard as audio, would that mean, if I use just one input (that comes directly from the LFE out) from the UAD Apollo, I would have to compensate on the output level? If so how much?
  12. Hello Gurus, I recently invested in five Adam A3X monitors and a Sub7 to build my 5.1 monitoring setup. Given that Sub7 does not have a dedicated connection for a LFE input, I am looking for some suggestions, and advice on how I can configure these monitors as a 5.1 surround setup. I use the UAD Apollo as my main interface to mix in the box.
  13. Looking to buy this interface soon, I had experience with the RME Fireface 800, which is a really strong contendor to beat, however, reviews and experiences of the UAD Apollo have been very favourable.
  14. My pleasure, I had recently done a range test with the SONY DWX system. You can find a brief write up about my experience with them (with images) at: https://www.facebook...40830155&type=3 I have also uploaded some pictures with some basic information on my experience of the systems at: https://www.facebook...40830155&type=3 Hope this is useful. I am willing to post more information, depending on what anyone would like me to test for. I am thinking of doing a audio recording with this system: SONY DWT-B01 Tranmitter SONY ECM88BCX Lavaliere SONY DWR-S01 Receiver recording onto a TASCAM HS-P82. I will record most common sound: Transients (Claps), Voice (male), Key jingling. Do suggest anything else you would like in this test. Regards, Ashok
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