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  1. jonmoore

    Gear Appraisal

    Thanks for the input. How you've described it is pretty accurate- it comes down to wanting a well assessed price on a used piece of gear.
  2. jonmoore

    Gear Appraisal

    Hey Jose. Yes, another sound mixer could count as a 3rd party. If you're interested, we could chat. 😀
  3. jonmoore

    Zaxcom Slate

    I'd love to see one these! Even some kind of TS-C with Zaxnet internals would be incredible. TC, UB, Scene, Take # live updated. I'm sure someone here is smart enough to figure that out.
  4. jonmoore

    Gear Appraisal

    I was eating cereal when I read this, thanks for the visual ! Hah. You're right. We trust each other enough to properly appraise, but would prefer to hire out this task. And as John said, to have someone sign off on it.
  5. jonmoore

    Gear Appraisal

    Thanks for looking into this, Austin. I thought I remembered Rich Topham at Pro Sound doing appraisals back in the day. I'm not sure what he charged, but I imagine it was pretty reasonable. The goal here is finding an objective 3rd party to appraise gear based off a list that has purchase dates and current cosmetic condition, to value a the equipment portion of a company's value (as well as accurate insurance reasons). Self appraisal isn't necessarily objective.
  6. jonmoore

    The Loudest Sound in the World

    Nice article. They point out human hearing is 64-23k Hz. Have I been living a lie of 20-20k? The pistol shrimp is the loudest animal in the world. It snaps its claw to stun its prey; hitting up to 200dB! I'm assuming underwater sounds would be weighted differently than sounds propagating in our air due to the fact it's harder to hit high dB ratings in a gas.
  7. jonmoore

    Schoeps CMC641 as a karaoke mic?

    Great show! Props department needs a little lesson on feedback and dynamic vs condensor, though.
  8. jonmoore

    boom mic with wide pattern: mk4, 416,

    I love my DPA 4017b. The pattern is a little wider and a bit more forgiving.
  9. jonmoore

    Lost Zaxcom ERX2TCD in NYC area

    Hey Everyone, Production took off on me before I could take my ERX off their camera. This was in Englishtown NJ, but they were on their way to Bethlehem PA and the crew is from LA. The serial number is 1173 and it had a Bodyglove EZ View case and an xlr/bnc Y output cable. (1/8">xlrm/bnc). Please get in touch with me if anyone happens to come across it.... Thanks!
  10. jonmoore

    Pro Tools Express and SMPTE

    Thanks for the suggestion. I just bought Lockstep and it works great! At only $19, it's worth it.
  11. jonmoore

    Lectrosonics SRb vs UCR411a

    I have gotten Lectro rx/tx in mode 3 to work with Sennheiser G3 series and Mode 6 to work with Shure PG series. Does this have anything to do with the higher/lower devation as well?
  12. I've got theaters ALL around me.
  13. jonmoore

    Pro Tools Express and SMPTE

    I still rock Pro Tools 8 LE w/ a Digi 002. I'm pretty sure I need to upgrade to 10 or 11 to get timecode capabilities, right?
  14. I didn't post the zoomed in pic of 26, but there was lots of open freqs. Thanks for the reminder, Jason.