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    My Zaxcom Nomad

    Meditation, Making Films, Playing in Bands, Recording stuff, Writing things from time to time, Art maker/curator/writer/gallerist
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    I have been know to host an event called mixers mixing mixers!
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  1. How do I fix? 😕 seems like a screw fell out.… anyone know which screw it is? lectro ucr211 block 26 still kickin butt in NYC! IMG_8157.MOV
  2. Thanks for sharing John. Would you and anyone else mind taking a photo of the tools you use to add a new or repair a LEMO connector? I just had talent sit on a connector that also had a microdot adaptor. Seems like those are more susceptible to damage.
  3. Thanks 🙏 would love to see your set up in your bag 💼
  4. Lol Bump...any updates on the tiny antenna front? Interested in powered and non powered options for 2019!
  5. So what would the exact recommendation be for someone who hasn’t incorporated yet that is looking to maximize the benefits of this tax cut? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Solid reflections on reflections Thanks Y'all.
  7. Im kind of a huge fan of digging up old these older posts to get that much further clarification on issues like these. Marc, I was interested in your comment... Are you saying that you use lavs because they reduce echo better than MKH 50?
  8. Amazing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Lotta fun! Always down to hang with some mixers especially if they are around the hipster triangle of bushwick, bedstuy, and williamsburg...
  10. How are you guys feeling about these blocks these days in NYC?
  11. Awesome thanks! I feel like my nomad is gonna catch some sort of disease with a nickel inside of it.
  12. Sooo my AA battery pack is too loose inside the Nomad and not powering the unit. If I take off the cover and press it in harder it does power the unit, so there just needs to be something wedged in there to keep that pressure up. I tried a nickel and that worked but was wondering if thats a bad idea? Maybe cardboard? Any suggestions? Dont really feel like sending it in.
  13. That is cool cutting to the interviews! It's kinda like "whoaaa! They're miked up!" When it first cuts to them... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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