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  1. Im going to slave SD788t digitally from Deva V. Sending 8 outputs down a 15 pin mini sub D connector. Should I set delays in the SD 788t to compensate for the conversion or is there a simpler, better method. Thanks
  2. 3 weeks on Sound Devices. Jam camera twice a day. No TC issues. Post using autosync all the way. Spoke to recordist friend of mine working on large HBO project who had exactly the same problem on Deva at 23.976.
  3. Sound like justin you can tune the acc501 to the devas crystal. I understand the Deva doesnt have an ambient but it can be tuned using the TUNE Internal menu. ( i say tune because that is what ambient call it) After using sound devices for one day everything is back in sync 100%. Edit happy pressure off. Autosync workflow fully operational. Will report back on any developments. Thanks to everyone for all their help. I should add that I still prefer the Deva. Unfortunately the timecode on this job has to be 100% all of the time. Which the Deva cannot do. Look forward to a firmware update soon so I can get back on it.
  4. John if your not tuning the Alexa, what is the point of tuning a lockit box thats not c.jamming the camera. The ACC501 can tune the ambient timecode by simply plugging the unit into the camera and referencing the timecode in the tuning menu. This was explained to me by the hire company on my last job, when I asked about tuning external lockit boxes. Which we didnt have so this was the procedure to go with.
  5. The arri alexas crystal is the same as an ambient and so can be tuned in the same manner. Can someone tell me what the difference is
  6. First day on sound devices. Cant say im loving It. I did slam the devas timecode but never the important side of it i.e recording sound please dont get the 2 confused. Will let u know how tc went tomorrow. Oh i was tuning the alexas crystals to the acc501
  7. Mr Wexler the problem I have is that nothing in the workflow has changed except for the introduction of the Deva and because im the second recordist on the job im being leant on to correct it. Im thankful to you for agreeing in my methods but none of them has resolved the issue. I know of another person on the forum who has had exactly the same problem at 23.98 at 48k with the deva. One which could not be resolved by Glenn Sanders himself who undoubtedley has experience in TC. So I have nowhere else to go with the issue but to adhere to posts request as I dont wanna be the recordist who messed up the workflow which production had to pay money for an extra edit assist
  8. Sorry Mike but no one has told me how to fix this issue. I used the same method as John Blankership has described, which everyone agrees is the best method. But it didnt work. I took Glenns advice using no ext tc it didnt work. I tried a denecke box straight to deva, didnt work. So please dont tell me I havent listened to anyone. Ive even tried another Deva it did not work. So Mike you got any ideas ? Better make it quick because of tomorrow im switching.
  9. Ive placed an offset of -60ms into the Deva which syncs perfectly or is one frame out. Unforunately the edit are still not pleased with this so im going to have to purchase a 788t ssd. Big blow for me as I dislike having to switch machines as im accustom to the deva but TC has let me down
  10. Yep fully aware that the Ambient can be tuned and I have done but when tc is pumped into deva with it set to cont jam it throws the rushes a frame out
  11. The firmware has been updated but to no avail. Different deva used no improvements. Used two different clockit boxes deneke and ambient ( with tuning ) no change. I understand that a frame differenc is not noticeable. But the biggest problem im having is edit is unable to use auto sync ( which is a rubbish way of doing things) but my predecessor was all good with sound devices. I also understand cameras can be out but why are they always lining up with eachother and the deva aint. Ive asked edit to send my predecessors work to the dub to check that autosync has actually worked for them. It would be good to double check with another set of eyes. Also why do most post people believe the sound devices is better on timecode?
  12. Its 23.98 Marc. And Izen I understand that you havent had any problems with timecode as the edit probably autosynced and then checked each take instead of autosync and go. I think the deva is terribly unstable at 23.98 as Howy explained that the stamp on the wav can vary by a frame.
  13. Tried new deva today. Same results. Deva drift 1-2 frames. Suggested to edit to offset deva by 1and a half frames to get a half a frame delay on every take.
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