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    I grew up in a sound recording household, but I have a major in Visual Arts. Now I'm in charge of production for the student ministry at one of the largest Methodist Churches in the US, where I try to balance and excel at both.
  1. It was over 90 ms out of sync for me on an ota signal. 90ms got it close enough where I could watch it. The sync didn't change for me when they went to neverland, but it was jumping around in the first scene in the house when I was trying to dial it in. It was a pretty impressive event, production wise, and they only caught one of the other cameras in the shot at the very end of the show from what I saw.
  2. I didn't know the piece was going to be on tonight but caught the teaser right after shark tank. The video from the front of the train showing the crew running from the track really drives home how bad this thing was, and how close everyone really was to the train. I knew it was bad and then you see it and it makes you even more sad.
  3. I'm starting to worry how much more money you will save/cost me today. Thanks for the info Senator.
  4. I do them. I've done Sprints, Olympics and Half-Ironman distance events. It's one of the things that keeps me sane. Let me know if you have any questions. I can usually only manage to get three events in a year due to my work schedule, but those are 3 great days.
  5. If you are only connecting one drive, and you have usb 3.0, then that would be a more affordable option. One drive will not take advantage of the extra speed of a thunderbolt connection (even an sad drive), and some raid arrays are not faster than usb 3.0 either.
  6. To close an app is 7 you double click the home button and then drag the large preview image of the application up. In terms of crazy colors, the night sky background makes things feel not quite as candy, but I still wish there was a more "professional" set of colors.
  7. The toughest part for me is the fact that they choose ATI Graphics Processors. While that's great for Final Cut, the current setup for Premiere, After Effects, etc. works best with CUDA cores, which is an Nvidia Technology. Here's hoping that Adobe expands to cover the ATI processors like they've done before for the laptops. While I wasn't thrilled about the form factor initially, it's growing on me. There may not be any room for expandability, but we recently got some sonnet racks in for a mac mini server setup at work, and that works great. The idea that I can keep my tower out and available to plug and unplug, but offload my hard drives into racks in soundproof boxes sounds great, and a lot better than what I hear now when my tower is running at full speed. Also just think about the fact that when you want to upgrade your system you just replace your tower, but you keep whatever expansion setup you already have. Depending on price, this could make it more affordable to stay up to date. I hope someone comes out with a kind of thunderbolt snake for this. That would be awesome. One bundle of wires coming out the back to your rack mount gear with expansion slots. I'd be up for that. In the end I think price will be the determinate. Here's hoping for something reasonable. Andrew Howard
  8. I'm working on a new power solution that rides on the back of one of our video rigs to help clean up our power/multiple battery needs ahead of going to haiti in a week. We typically run a pix 240 and a bunch of other camera accessories, and I can't seem to make up my mind about if the entire power solution should be designed around using lemo plugs or ptap/dtap connections. It seems that most of the battery plates with multiple connections are using lemo, but I can't decide if it's worth the extra cost, verse using the 1-4 ptap multi connector, or the sandwich adapter. Any suggestions as to the positives or negatives of using one connector over the other would be helpful. We are a completely in-house production unit, so I have the ability to spec the entire system as opposed to having to adapt to someone else's.
  9. Jeff, That would be awesome. I'm working on Sunday morning, but then I'd be able to watch the first half before I could get there later. If there's anyway we could do this it would be awesome. Andrew Howard
  10. If you're in photoshop all of the time, then there was a lot of time savings in moving to CS6 from 5 in terms of getting things done. Not a lot of new features, but they allowed for my dynamic changes to be written in adjustment layers which resulted in less destructive editing and the ability to move those layers around better. In terms of the Creative Cloud, we've been talking about it a lot at work, and it looks like if someone else/your company is paying for the suite then it's great for the creative workers because you're always up to date and able to read the newest files. On the other hand, most of us also do independent work, and we're not too thrilled at the fact that we are now essentially paying a yearly tax to do our jobs. It reminds me a lot of when I get a bill from my accountant that lists her time on one line and then the software fee for processing my tax return on another line. For small shops, like me, I definitely see a need to start passing some of these costs down the line, especially since if I stop paying the tax, I can no longer open your files, which are my creative property.
  11. Ryan, It will be my first time too, so you won't be the only one. Andrew Howard Atlanta, GA
  12. It'll also be interesting to see what people are demoing on at NAB this year. I remember last year as we walked around we noticed that virtually nobody was running Final Cut X in their software demos. We were trying to decide what we were going to do with our in house production system since we had stuck with Final Cut 7 till that point. We changed software right after the show, and it wasn't to Final Cut X as a result. It seems like Apple is adding back the features that should have been there from the start, while other vendors are adding new features that really are "features."
  13. The last show that I recorded that was mixed on an ls9 was in a relatively small room, in that it holds 500 seated and 1000 standing. We used an mkh 40 on a boom pole that was gaffed to a mic stand in front of the booth to get the mic high above the crowd. In a room this small a drumset and some of the other instruments carry enough of their own sound from the stage, that they are dialed way back in the system mix. If we had just taken a board tap, then we would have ended up with a strange mix. This way we were able to get a great recording of the actual live mix without having to create a custom mix matrix from the FOH board, and with the mic that high, we avoided pretty much all of the crowd noise except for applause.
  14. I mix live a fair amount, and we only do mono mixes in the venues I work. There are multiple feeds to the different speaker clusters, that could be run in stereo, but the mix is mono. In wide rooms there isn't any point to mix in stereo due to the fact that only the people sitting in the booth would be able to hear it, and everyone else would receive a subpar mix. Apparently Marc and I were writing at the same time.
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