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  1. Yes! I find it cleaner than the mixpre 10t with sm7b mics. And as a matter of convenience I use it with my DPA mics when recording video, but in general either one can be used just fine. I think the max is lower noise and cleaner but that’s not saying that the mix pre is not low noise because it is very low noise. I do love the Wingman app and that’s very nice feature being able to easily change track names with an iPad. For Ultimate quality and where never clip comes in to play it will be the max but for general low-cost high speed recording the mixpre 10 is sweet.
  2. I've been recording a number of podcasts and was using my MAXX, but have since procured a 10T because some of the extra features are great like the wingman app, and using it as an audio interface for subsequent editing. Also the extra channel count gives me more flexibility for larger sessions. At first my unit had USB issues, sent it back and they replaced the USB IC and it has been running flawlessly ever since. Any particular questions?
  3. Agreed! And not to mention that the reason zaxcom, sound devices, etc are so expensive is because they aren't mass produced. If they were selling many thousands of units, economy of scale would kick in and that is where the mixpre lives I'd estimate...
  4. Exactly, get the best you can afford at the time you need it. Bigger projects will have bigger budgets that should pay you enough to either rent what is needed or rent it themselves and have you run it... By the way, I picked up a Maxx in mint condition with transmitter for about $2400 used. I think they seem to be out there because people get them then realize they want the Nomad with zaxnet and such and sell these...woo hoo for me! Interesting, I was doing a live streaming event where the client wanted 5 people mic'd. I happen to have rodelinks, but upgraded mics to DPA 4060's, so had the opportunity to rent two extra Lectro 411 kits I needed, and made the mistake of running them off of batteries (they didn't have the power supplies), anyway on batteries they only last about 1.5 hours, so during the stream the CEO's mic cut out, so very quickly I swapped him out for a Rodelink. The Rodelinks last over 8 hours on 2 AA's, and I can't hear anything in the lectros that sounded better, granted I do use better lapel mics on the Rodelinks, but they performed flawlessly in a 70 floor office building in the middle of the day (WIFI Central). So I'll probably pickup a couple more Rodelinks for those gigs since they have never let me down. So sure, in tough conditions would the rodelinks survive? I don't know. The lectros are definitely proven, but for those who don't have the power distribution to run them, the run times were problematic for my prior lack of experience with them.
  5. I actually started with an SD 302 and Zaxcom ZFR 100 with stereo adapter to record the 302. Worked great though wasn't thrilled that the ZFR cut off anything above 17Khz and was compressed (well what did I expect...) But then invested in mics, Schoeps 641, ntg3, DPA 4060 stereo kit, 2 x DPA 4088's, Rode Newsshooter Wireless Kit, Rode Filmmaker Kit, DPA 4017b...and finally last year found a mint used Zaxcom Maxx. I went through the same process of SD 633 or Zax Maxx and chose the Maxx because 1) price was really good, 2) I wanted cleanest pres possible, 3) wanted 4 XLR inputs. The SD was superior in User Interface, powering options, two card slots, but only 3 XLR inputs. I wanted to record subtle nature as well as interviews and music (I know awesome nature and other recordings have been made with the 633, but to me it was important to have cleaner pres). I didn't want to invest into a new battery platform so I bought IDX V-Mount batteries with D-Tap, and got a D-Tap to hirose cable as primary power to the Maxx. Combining that with the internal 6 AA battery sled gives backup, and lasts about 18 hours (91Wh / 5W = 18.2 hours runtime). The great thing about having your own great recorder is not only can you go out on your own time and record stuff, you can also do audio only podcasts, location recording for non-video related work. But most of all, you spend enough time with it to know it inside and out. I would love someday to get Zax wireless but with this gobbling of frequencies I'd like that all to shake out, in the meantime I'm safe with 2.4Ghz, and haven't really had any issues with it on jobs yet... For a streaming client who wanted 5 live wireless mics, I rented two Lectro 411 kits and ran them off batteries, what a mistake, they last about an hour on batteries while I get 8+ hours off 2AA's with the Rode kits...so had to swap out the CEO during the QA...so pro level wireless mics are meant to use with power distribution systems, lesson learned. So moral of the story, figure out your clientele and use-spectrum and get what most closely matches it.
  6. I agree, they really need to design a Sony battery sled that allows the batteries to be straight off the back of the adapter insert...How could you fit that easily into an audio bag?
  7. I went through a similar debate between the 60 and 61, at over $500 each I wanted to first invest in what would be most useful. I chose the 4060's because I wanted to record ambiance, music, and voice...so far I have never been close to "clipping" them even mounted inside a piano during a recital. Really I think you'll get awesome results with either, but if you do expect to go over 134 dB, which is really the realm of gun fire, then get the 61's, otherwise the 60's are great and have never failed me. I bought the stereo kit. I use them with various wireless, but mostly direct into my Maxx recorder.
  8. I guess they obviously feel like they have a case, but you're right that litigious behavior doesn't create warm fuzzies in any industry. I've often heard folks say Zaxcom is like Apple, I guess they are in the proprietary and relatively high cost of entry, but in design and User Interface they're more like Apple without Jony Ive. This coming from a Maxx owner. It will be interesting to see how broad the patent can be interpreted, but it'll cost both sides a lot of money...then maybe they'll both get to raise their prices to fund the litigation.
  9. I guess that points to the question of whether you should be able to patent a "concept" or if patent should be limited to a specific implementation of a concept. While I agree it is important to protect intellectual property to give inventors incentive, I think there needs to be a better balancing to push innovation. So another company might create the better "mousetrap" and let the market decide which is better...I think competition is more important for innovation, but it does I suppose protect the little guy from the bigger guy. But there probably alternatives... For instance, if the Zaxcom patent says recording to removable chip in transmitter, then a way around that might be to have internal memory...granted I have not seen and know nothing of the specifics of any patents involved... Based on the number of cases and the coining of the term "patent troll" that clearly points the patent process is in need of reform.
  10. Yes! Thank you for correcting me. For my use I found the higher sensitivity of the 4060 great and so far have not been able to overload it.
  11. First portable recorder was the M-audio Microtrack...the clock in it was so bad that I used it to record plays and the audio would always be WAY out of sync with the video after 40 minutes. So then got the Microtrack II, it was much better, but needed something more robust. So got the SD 302 mixer and a Zaxcom ZFR100 with stereo adapter...302 was front end, zfr100 was the recorder for it. First mic was the Senn ME66, Blue Bluebird, AKG 414XLS, Senn G1 wireless x 2 (they eventually just stopped working, not abused just sitting in a drawer, pulled it out and turned on but wouldn't transmit audio), so upgraded to G3. Bought Loon Boom 16' with coiled internal cable. Schoeps 641 mic, Rode NTG3, then last year got Zaxcom Maxx, DPA 4060 stereo set, DPA 88 headsets x 2, DPA 4017b, and Rode Filmaker Kit and Newsshooter kit for wireless. For most interviews use wired DPA 4060's to the Maxx out to camera. I know most folks here talk about the 4062's, but I just put the 4060's in a piano and other loud sources and haven't ever clipped them... So I appreciate the higher sensitivity for nature recording too.
  12. Great! Thank you all for the suggestions I'll take a look and give em a try...the mics are awesome, the clips...not as awesome for my hands!
  13. I have the DPA 4060's and got the DPA lav clips, but the way they're designed (or perhaps the way I'm designed) I have a really hard time gripping them to open them to put on talent. Does anyone have any suggestions for a great alternative lav clip that will work with the DPA 4060's and perhaps be easier to grip open? Thanks!
  14. Well I'd agree with you there that to use those features by people who individually may not have time or interest to use them properly and then you having to support those more casual users could be problematic. But then I think that was the point of others that the audio quality is the key factor and they're just as simple to use as any other wireless if you dont want to use their advanced features. I've been dismissive of features in the past mostly because I couldnt afford them at the time but once i used them, found them indispensable. Sometimes the being in the rough reveals just how useful a feature can be.
  15. I would just add that sometimes you just don't know what you're missing until you actually use it...then you can't live without it! If you've never heard a DPA lav or a Zaxcom wireless rig, then that "only" system you've been using all this time is certainly the best you've ever heard or will hear until you do make the leap. Perhaps making that leap would have improved your product greatly, but sounds like that isn't the priority...the status quo and ease of support is...
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