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  1. evolvmedia

    664 LCD Screen problem

    Has anyone has serious issues with the LCD screen on their 664? I turned mine on a couple days ago and the screen was almost monochromatic. The color was intermittent, then red lines started to cover certain parts of the screen. The issues hasn't repeated it's self since then, but I'm sure it'll just give out while working on set if I don't get it fixed. Unfortunately, my mixer about 5 months OUTSIDE of the 2 year warranty and Sound Devices won't cover the cost of repair or the parts. I'm curious if anyone has had similar issues? Pictures are attached. Thanks! Damen
  2. I was a fortunate and unfortunate early adopter of thunderbolt. I have multiple single bay and dual bay TB drives laying around. My advise is similar to what others have said and go with USB 3.0 (if your computer supports it) UNLESS you plan getting a thunderbolt system that supports multiple drives and those drives can be RAID together. With that said, I've been committed to Seagates "GoFlex Desk" line of products because they offer hot swappable interfaces. I have multiple goflex TB docks as well as USB 3 and FW800. It helps with moving media between the various gen Macs. I just bought a second TB dock last week (link below). The price just went up from $199 http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Thunderbolt-Desktop-External-STCB3000400/dp/B009HPGBNY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1386905660&sr=8-3&keywords=thunderbolt+seagate
  3. evolvmedia

    C300 59.94 and 664 TC

    Marc, Thanks for the intel. You're correct I misspoke it was 29.97 with the c300 on the last shoot. But for this shoot I'll set up the 664 up for 29.97 until I hear from post. I'll see if I can do a test. thanks again.
  4. After shooting with the Canon C300 for the past several months with a 59.97nd frame rate. I'm now working on another show with it set up for 59.94nd. I'm trying to figure out the proper frame rate setting in the 664 to jam TC? Would I use 29.97nd or 30nd Thanks for your help! Damen
  5. evolvmedia

    Good Production Sound Mixer vs. Great

    Good mixer + great attitude = great mixer.
  6. evolvmedia

    Looking for advice on what to do with my Zaxcom hops

    HI Mike, Interestingly enough I have almost an identical setup as you. Two RX900rx, one TRX900AA (with STA150) and one stereoline trx. I use the stereoline trx as my main camera hop and my TRX900AA talent wireless and/or second hop when needed. I really like how compact the original stereoline trx is and I don't need to fuss with the menu very often using it as a hop. I can't hear a different in quality between the stereoline trx and the TRX900AA. I plan on using the original stereoline until it literally explodes. I suppose you could sell a bunch of stuff and upgrade, but why if everything is working properly? Damen
  7. evolvmedia

    K-tek boompole recommendations

    Victor, I just purchased the K-tek 144CCR (12ft) and it's a great pole. I have a shorter K-tek graphite that I've always used and really enjoy, but I must say I'm impressed with this one. I believe it was $270 from BH, great "budget pole". The weight difference between the graphite and aluminum is minimal.
  8. evolvmedia

    664 LCD screen outdoors

    Same experience here outdoors. The 664 LCD just isn't bright enough. Hopefully they'll address it if possible.
  9. evolvmedia

    Final Cut X gets an update

    I started using FCP just over 10 years ago at version 1.2 and I was one of the many disappointed editors that felt betrayed by Apple after they released FCPX. However, after the first major update they fixed / added enough features that I decided to try it again. I must say that I'm almost completely satisfied as it is in its current state. There are a few areas that still need attention like audio export, but every update gets better. I've found that most feature people think they're missing ARE actually there. For instance DUAL viewers were added two version ago, but still people don't know. Initially not having dual views were a deal killer for me, but after editing without them and getting use to the new style I found myself not using it when they finally added it. Anyway, I forced myself to edit one project and unlearn the FCP7 and try out the "new" style and now I couldn't be happier. FCP7 feels antiquated when I need to use it, definitely a WHOLE lot slower. "Professional" can be a relative term. I and use it professionally and so do a lot of people I know.
  10. evolvmedia

    Case for TRX900's

    Just received mine from amazon. Works great with the 900aa as well.
  11. evolvmedia

    V lock battery in sound bag etc

    I've been using v-mount to power my BDS for the last 12 months and couldn't be happier. My batteries are Global Media (link below) and have been rock solid. Forget the added weight and bulk of extra plates just power from the D-tap. I have 65w, 95w and 180w batteries depending on what my power needs are. The Global Media travel charger is the way to go. Global Media try out kit Good luck!
  12. POSITION FILLED I need someone to cover my last day on the job in Summersville. Basic sound kit lav and boom straight to camera for sit down interview. I typically back up the audio on my ends as well. Let me know asap. Thanks, Damen 941-504-5865 damen@evolvmedia.com
  13. evolvmedia

    Portable Sound Booth

    These are all great suggestions. Tyler, great idea with the mesh folding basket and sound blankets. I think I'm gonna try something like that first, then take a listen. Thanks to everyone else for the mic recommendations.
  14. evolvmedia

    Portable Sound Booth

    I'm looking for some recommendations on a decent "portable sound booth" for voiceover work. It would be used to record VO for training videos. The recording would be done at the editors residence in the "best possible" room available in the house. HERE IS A LINK to the type of product I think might help in whatever situation we might end up with. Willing to spend a little more money if the product offers decent improvements. My experience is mostly ENG and I plan on using my 416 or similar to actually capture the audio. But if someone has a recommendation on a decent table top mic with a price range under $300 that sound better for stationary VO, then please don't hesitate to recommend. I greatly appreciate any advise!!! Damen
  15. evolvmedia

    Eneloop Batteries and chargers

    I've been using the same white 1600mah eneloop (x16) for the past 9 months with zero problems. I use the la crosse bc-1000 charger. I power smqv, zax (t)rx 900 and occasionally my 552. They power my 250mw trx for over 3 hours. Second only to lithium. I couldn't be happier.