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  1. I had problems with Wisycom with ultrasonic light sensors in office buildings, I went back to Lectrosonics because of that. I think they have since solved that issue on newer units.
  2. Cool Doc!! I got to be in studio A at Ocean Way several times when I worked for a studio equipment rental company. It was my favorite studio with all the lights and neon.
  3. Yes you need to get a 1/4 20 reducer the clamp and arm are all available on amazon from smallrig. I think I got the reducer from B&H 3/8 to 1/4-20
  4. MixPre 6 with MX powersled Lectrosonics SRC x2 Original Tentacle Sync AudioRoot BDS with 98wh battery Zaxcom ZMT3-X Z for Stereo Hop, using Tentacle Sync to jam it’s TC gen. Orca OR-270
  5. Time of day is what your current selection is, not what you will select if you touch the selection. What other options do you get when you select mode.
  6. Can those with ZMT3-X please post what mics and gain setting they are using. I just picked up some DPA 4063 and I have to set the gain between 28-30 to get a decent level but it’s noisy
  7. I use B3 and also have noticed they are noisier than other mics I’ve used. I’m using them with Lectrosonics too.
  8. Location Sound sells the small and medium COSI for $425. I got one for the CS-M1 I like it better than using a softie.
  9. Check direct out routing on 788 menu
  10. I purchased an M2R last week and the screen is crooked, dealer sent me a replacement and the screen was crooked too and it also had a couple of small dents on the screen surface. Has anyone else had QC issues with an M2R?
  11. Is the battery sled the same size as the 3/6, it looks like it is on the photos.
  12. Size, Price, 5 more XLR inputs with rotary knobs for each one.
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