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  1. John Paul - Thanks, is very good to know that, I totally agree with the idea of getting into new projects to meet new people. I recently found a website related to our industry that could lead us onto some work : www.simplyhired.com I'm still trying to get the hand of it, but it could lead to new outlets, maybe it's worth a try. Also, I was wondering if its better to send only my imdb profile and equipment list or the whole resume with all the info, degrees and yara yara yara... , for now I've been only sending the imdb + equipment list, it would be nice to have more opinions about it!! For now it works .
  2. Thanks a lot everyone for the opinions and sorry for my late answer ( I can't complaint, I was working! ). About CL I think that is like finding an apartment deal in Manhattan, you have to be 15 hours a day in front of the screen waiting for the dream post to show up, I don't think is worthy, too much time invested and little results, but hey, that doesn't mean that in a lucky day you can find a good client that is going to hire you 15 more gigs, I think that's what is about, networking and contacts lists. SENATOR mike, I didn't know the " industry leads " nor the " Breakdown Services ", I'm going to research about them, thanks so much, ( even though I've tried hundreds of combinations in Google search engine and almost all of them with the same three words, " Sound, Film, Job ", but never saw them before, really appreciate it ) I think it's going to be very useful. Robert, I think I understand now what CL could be useful for, even though it didn't work in your case ( neither in mine, yet hehe ) but I think I will continue looking for gigs, you never know!. John Paul, thanks for your answer, I'm looking for anything that is related to location sound recordings including ENG, events, run+gun, short films, featured films ... ( I think like everybody in slow-times hehe ) and the position ( as long as is not a slavery contract ) is not relevant for me ( don't take me wrong, I'm talking in the sound-related field ). But I'm sure I'm not doing post-production, not ADR sessions , Voiceovers... . I'm already a member of some sites, but I didn't search about a " local film office ", thanks I will look for it. Lastly, I know reference and networking plays a huge role on the sound mixer's life, wether we like it or not ( personally I don't like to deal with buro-crap, jerarchy, meetings and meetings that goes nowhere... and I know that if I don't do it, I won't eat, so is very good to know that everyone here have the same feelings towards this statement. Thanks a lot everyone, if I find a new outlet, I will post it !
  3. Hi there!, My name is Pablo, and I'm new to this community that by the way, I find it completely amazing. This is my first post, and I wanted to talk about some ways of getting gigs, I live in NYC but this can be useful to anybody in U.S. I believe. The first website I find myself using all the time, is Craigslist.com, I can find some gigs around there ( almost always low budget productions ) but is very good to keep the work going during the dry periods. The second one I use the most is Mandy.com, where you can find better profile gigs, but it requires more time to find them. The third place I look is Productionhub.com, I like this one, because you can create a more in-depth profile. But you need to pay in order to get the best gigs. I know that this business is mainly moved by networking and connections, therefore the more gigs you do, the more gigs you eventually get, but I believe is good to share some places that maybe can get you out of " slow time ". Finally, it would be very nice if anybody could tell me something that I'm missing or any new place to look, would be awesome. Thanks to everybody for your time and I hope you can get something out of this post. Best, P
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