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  1. I have an ambient acl302 for sale. Has all of the above Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. hi forum, im not a rental house by any means but I've got a bit of kit at this stage and I'm starting to max out my brain power keeping track of it all. Are there any recommendations for inventory apps? want one I can load everything into with serial numbers, locations, picture and categories so I have it on my phone but also one I can have at the base computer so I don't go blind looking at my phone all the time. The big ones all need 5 subscribers and above and have monthly subscriptions. I'm only one guy. The closest I can find are home inventory ones which work fine but seem to only have input capability on the phone. You can't edit them and keep them up to date. Don't have the laptop with me all the time and if you don't keep it updated it turns into a mess Trying sortly next but no real luck thus far and nothing came up on the boards when I searched. If you have any accounting recommendations too I'd like to know what you're using
  3. Hi all, id love to hear what other programs ppl are using? i tried wave, xero and quicken and they drove me completely mad. The web based ones were so slow cause you have to be online for your transactions. And the wave and quickens were so complicated I couldn't do have the basic things. I eventually landed on an app called visual budget. Its very visual and I can import all my accounts into it each quarter to categorize them. It spits out the reports I need when I need them and I'm pretty fast with it now. The only problem is its slow. I have to do each transaction individually. I can select all my fuel payments and categorize them together. With a business account, a hst/pst account, a savings account, a pst account and two personal accounts you can imagine how long it takes. The big advantage though is I can have all my accounts on me with the app not waiting for it to download from a cloud. We can end up shooting in places with crap wifi and out in the sticks perfect place to do accounts but not if it takes 2 minutes between transactions. The ideal would be an app that you can access and adjust your info on and then syncs with your base (laptop) They have a desktop version I just downloaded but it turns out it doesn't sync with the app or really have any greater functions. How you do it jeff I don't know but I tried to test a few of them as well and it was like defending into a repetitive hell 3 times before I went back to my old app. Maybe xero has improved but any recommendations welcome.
  4. thanks for the feedback gents, this is what we went with in the end. looks solid. i did get one of the ambient plates which is an interesting design. is very solid looking and doesn't look like it would release accidently. the holes in it are a very small though as they are designed for screws. wider ones could be drilled. i've tried out the velcro one that was mentioned before but it uncrews itself easily and the velcro catched on things alot. drove directors in the field mad on a show i did a few seasons ago.
  5. http://www.ambient.de/en/products/ambient-recording/clockit-timecode/tc-accessories/acm-204.html http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/616251-REG/Pearstone_9041660_9041670_8_3_21_1cm_Articulating.html Man those ambient ones could be just the ticket. I like.
  6. Hi guys, Like where this is going. Got any examples? Not sure what an Israeli arm is and haven't seen these ambient lockit box release. Appreciate it gents Here's the bag I mentioned.
  7. Thanks men. Balance wise I don't think the shoe mounts gonna fly and sadly the 411 has to stay. The guys are gonna be switching audio freqs between wires on the fly so need it in their faces. I'll upload photos of what we come up with. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi all, Have a show with loads of shooter directors running around with canon c-305 cameras on boats but need to mount a lectro 411a on each one. Have ppl had any ingenious mounting ideas. Have done some stuff with these sorts of cams before but just looking to see if other ideas are kicking about out there. The Cam's have fairly heavy bags on them and also I don't really want to mount them underneath but it's an option. All ideas welcome.
  9. We found the gold scandisk a worked best. I can put you in touch with paul Edwards who y happened to. He's a good man to know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hi Jerome, what kind of card are you using. Happened here too and we had approved media. SD got us a new one pretty speedy but has happened again. We think it might be the scandisk 64gb. You don't have the same by chance? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Morning folks, Looking at doing a show in the fall that requires 2 green screen interview rooms in an outdoor location attached to the set of a working renovation show. Have told them to forget using a portacabin type room and use the money to have a carpenter build us something custom. What insulation have ppl used before? What headaches have ppl had? What's really worked? The obvious concerns are rainy days and power tools working on the compound as well as traffic. Many thanks
  12. Second tx on the waiter is great but another thing to think about is coaching the players. Usually you do these things and they cast comedians or improv ppl as your cast. Last series I did, First few sketches were good but the actor never shut up and let the ppl we were catching out be heard. Don't be afraid to blow out the second body mic too. Is disconcerting but you're looking for the added sensitivity to catch the ppl on the table. make sure post are aware to cut between the waiters lav and his body plant. Lots of notes and a pop into the cut always helps so they know what they're looking at.
  13. Thanks mike. You're always consistent at the very least. If you're interested in what I built pm me. I'm always open to suggestion for improvements.
  14. Roger all, Thanks for that. sounds like there's nothing there. Was a long shot. You should never presume. Cheap cameras. What ya gonna do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Month in and this far all four arrays are holding up. For budgetary reasons couldn't squeeze out 4 of the kt covers but think they would be a good option if ppl were looking. Have positioned the arrays high on the mast so as to keep out of the salt spray for the most part. Bags have lasted about a fortnight or two at a time before holes start to happen usually on the points of the fins. Positioning and angle of the fins has also been important. Having them high up and pointing down and away mean if any moisture gets in the bags it runs off and never thru the electronics. Having the crews rebag them now every time they come to port. Also be careful where ppl plonk generators. One of the boats added a generator and this happened. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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