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  1. Any mention of RFI improvements with cmit & kmr82i mics? Also, 50mW max may be problematic, correct me if i'm wrong please.
  2. We used 4 x TS-C slates on a 20 week show with one of the slates converted to 9v . Used i-power 520mAh batteries, Found it struggled to get a full day reliably as back lights were used on the slates usually. Got a new Battery sled for that slate and converted it back to AA's. Using powerex 2400mAh AA's now, guaranteed a full day but not much more. Now 2 of the other slates are doing the powering off trick, so new sleds ordered, from my experience with them, the battery contact springs inside seem to get weak after regular use, its a little bit annoying as one of the slates is only a year old.
  3. We are using lots of 4071's on tv drama's here for the last 5 years. The 3056 adapters are working perfect with lectro sra's and uma's. Tried and Tested.
  4. I agree with you on the handling noise, the new roycote suspension clips are very noisy with the cmit, I know other very experienced sound men who have exactly the same problem. Try use the old style clips and bands, this will solve it. Otherwise buy a cinela piano, this works perfect for the cmit.
  5. Just an observation, The rf-cable seem to cover the buttons and the partly cover the menu screen, Will the finished product be like this? I can see that being awkward.
  6. I think everyone looks forward to this option as it was the one thing that the nomad was really missing, the 788 and indeed the 644 had the higher hand until now because of the extra fader option. I did a job in january on the nomad where the we really could have done with extra faders, the virtual faders didn't work out for us in this application. Any pics or prices would be appreciated.
  7. Hi, Has anyone else got anymore feedback on the Shure UA844SWB ?? Its seems to have a 3rd order interception point also. Could be another option.
  8. Hi Rado I was thinking of getting a nomad 8. But... I have a new SRa on block 24, how is your range with the SRa and the Nomad? In the real world. My Range with SRa & 744T is really poor and just not acceptable. I also tried it out with my Fusion, a lot better but not as good as I expect from a brand new SRa. I have done all the various tests. RF spray seems to be a huge problem with these SR units, no problems with the 411's at all. Can someone tell me why Lectro didn't put tracking front ends on the SR units, I'm sure everyone would have paid a little extra to ensure a decent range. Not trying to change the thread , just wondering how the nomad is working with the SR's?
  9. I have two cmit's, one with the old style cinela wire suspension, one with the newer type plastic suspension. The wire type never has a problem, the plastic one has handling problems, clicks, clanks. I have tried both mics with both suspensions, older wired type is always perfect with either mic. Why did they change it? Is your suspension wire or the newer plastic type?
  10. My Mix 12 did exactly the same thing, sticking talkback and tone buttons, it is brand new, so I put it down to that. Maybe it needed to be run in? I will apply a bit of grease to it but not the ideal situation in my eyes. Surely, Zaxcom tested this????
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