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  1. Michael, Thank you. I use a program called Painter. I also use Photoshop. Painter has great natural brushes. Try their trial down load http://www.painterartist.com/us/product/paint-program/. Have a great day
  2. This is an original digital painting that I created.
  3. We have come a long way. SoundRec1943_512kb.mp4
  4. Take it from someone who spent two years on the flight deck. WATCH YOUR ASS AND THEN WATCH YOUR ASS AGAIN!!!
  5. Jeff I need to re sign in every time I go to page. When I do it says the password is wrong. Then I go through the forgot password process, set a new password, It works for a while and then the next day it makes me go throught the whole process again. Am I the only one having this problem? Thanks Jeff and have a great day, John Lifavi
  6. Legendary audio engineer Joseph Grado died on Friday at age 90. The second-generation Italian immigrant founded Grado Labs — which is now known for its headphones — but when Joseph Grado ran the company it was about one thing: phonograph cartridges. Grado is credited with inventing the stereo moving-coil cartridge, and he held over 48 patents. To turntable laymen, the cartridge is the "needle" assembly — it's responsible for converting the analog grooves in the vinyl into an electric signal, and is key to the sound quality. Legendary headphones made on a quiet Brooklyn street Before entering the high-end audio business, Grado was a watchmaker who worked for Tiffany & Co. In 1953, he started making phono cartridges on the kitchen table, and two years later he took over his father's Brooklyn grocery store and turned it into a factory. That modest three-story building on a quiet street in Sunset Park is still the company's home today — many of its products are handmade under that roof. While Joseph Grado spent most of his life creating devices that could reproduce music, in 1981 his dream to sing Italian opera on the big stage came true. He performed as a tenor at the prestigious Lincoln Center in New York City, and was quite good at it, according to The New York Times. "There was a grace and delicacy in the quieter moments of Mr. Grado's singing," reads a review from the time, "and an attractive richness when he ventured to sing out." In the late ‘80s, towards the end of his run at the company, Grado and his nephew, John, produced some of the very first high-end headphones to hit the market. Joseph retired in 1990 when he sold Grado Labs to John Grado. He and his son, Jonathan, run the company today.
  7. JB Weld will fix anything as good as new.
  8. Eric That scene always brings back memories of my time as a Plane captain on the Kitty Hawk off of Vietnam. John Lifavi
  9. Craigslist is really entertaining! Looking for Sound Recordist, Grips, Hair & Make-Up (Glendale) compensation: California Minimum Wage $9.00 Plus Overtime Deferred Episodic Comedy Series With Great Cast & Crew Shooting On Stage for Four Days. (8 Hours or Less Each Day) Small Cast, Experience Crew and Great Attitudes All Around.
  10. Sound guy for Film <> © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) (yahoo map) Do you need a sound guy for your next film, web series, demo reel? Of course you do. Affordable rates for Amazing sound quality. - Equipment list - Mics: Sennheiser MKH 50 Microphone Rode NTG-3 Precision RF-Biased Shotgun Microphone 2 - Sennheiser ew 100 ENG G3 Wireless Microphone Recorder: Zoom Audio Recorder Accessories: Boom pole Rode Blimp Windshield (for clean exterior audio on windy days)
  11. I did Connect my headphone directly to the camera and it was still there. I have worked on two other shoots with different F3's and they all had the same problem. I did backup to a separate recorder and as I said the camera audio and the backup did not have the noise. John
  12. Did a shoot with the Sony F3 and the audio return had a hum in it that does not show up on the recording. I know it isnt my cable because it does not happen with the return from any other camera. Has anyone else ever had this happen withe the F3? Thanks, John
  13. This is pretty cool..... Somebody had a lot of fun with this. Most of the people in the video were deceased before the Bee Gees recorded “Stayin’ Alive.” Whether you are a Bee Gees or old musicals fan or not...you are going to like this. A great job of putting clips together with the music. It is a great marriage of 40's dancing and late 70's music. Enjoy. CLICK HERE AND ENJOY! http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=mz3CPzdCDws Subject: Rita Hayworth and the Bee Gees
  14. CL > los angeles > antelope valley > all gigs > crew gigs Posted: 2013-02-11, 9:25AM PST I hope this is a joke Crew needed for Ice company promo I am looking to expand my business and my profits. Need an experienced video crew to help push my business to the top. I am looking to shoot 3 :30 second spots about the making, storing and selling of ice and ice related products. Qualified applicants will have years of experience, a reel or link and must provide gear. Respond ONLY if you meet these criteria and have a real passion for a job well done. Compensation based on experience will be paid in-kind. I am excited to offer life time ice for the producers, 5 years of ice for the camera and 6 mos worth for the sound person. If you are willing to waive OT and MP's I will pre-crush the ice for you. As always, copy and credit and the opportunity to work with some really cool peeps.
  15. Where were you? I had the same situation a couple of months ago in Pasadena CA. on BLK 21.
  16. This is a funny bit about wireless mics during the monologue on the Leno show last night. Hulu - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Mon, Jan 3, 2011 - Watch the full episode now. John Lifavi
  17. Here's a funny one from craigslist. los angeles craigslist > central LA > gigs > crew gigs Seeking Academy Nominated Director (Hollywood!) Date: 2010-12-26, 12:23PM PST Reply to: gigs-5aukt-2129911266@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Searching for Academy Nominated Director Established Producers are seeking an Academy Award Nominated (not winning though) Director to direct our "brilliant" screenplay. We have name talent attached... just so you know that we are serious. Hint: Bobby De Niro's 3rd cousin, someone that claims to be related to the Busey family, and a girl that says she knows Brittany Spears from her dad's old ice cream shop in Venice Beach, from a few years ago, before he closed it down. Just to name a few. Our producers have made such shows for Lifetime Channel, such as "Coyote Club: Old & Sexy", "Large Depressed Family", and "Diner Boyfriend Drunk". Lifetime didn't air the shows, but they did think about it. All trailers/teasers are available on the prestigious YouTube. One of the producers is from the Big Apple and the other is from some school in Salt Lake City that nobody really cares about- meaning Big Time! So we will only accept SERIOUS INQUIRIES! This an UNPAID INTERNSHIP POSITION. You will receive IMDB credit, some food and make great contacts! Only Academy Nominated Directors may apply. The film must be shot in 24-hours, our script is as good as "Paranormal In-activity", and we must be able to use your house and maybe your girlfriend's house as locations for shooting. This will be shot on the Red One, because our so called cinematographer knows absolutely nothing about exposing film. He does assure us that it will look just as good as "Public Enemies". Everybody is doing this project because they really care. * Location: Hollywood! * it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests * Compensation: Great Contacts and more IMDB Credits! Future work with A-List Talent and New Yorkers!
  18. I have no idea who the production co is. I just saw the ad on craigslist, which I only look at for laughs. I did not and would not do one of these jobs posted on craigslist. They are insulting to say the least.
  19. Need Sound Mixer and Boom, PAY. 5/22 (Chatsworth) Date: 2010-05-14, 4:04PM PDT Reply to: gigs-mpgfg-1741376625@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Looking for a 2 person sound team, mixer and boom. It's a one day shoot in an amazing house in chatsworth for a cooking show pilot. You must own your top notch equipment, be respectful to the location and obviously have chops in your work. The pay is $300 flat, both for you and your boom op (i'll leave it to you to figure out the money distribution). Probably a 10 hour shoot, daytime only. I can't stress enough how important the sound is on this production, this is a legit pilot with network interest that could very well get picked up! I need the cleanest, sharpest sound to cut with. Serious people only! We shoot next Saturday 5/22. Please send in some examples (must have), your equipment (i'm familiar with sound eq) to my email: jonsydneyc@gmail.com Cheers, Jon
  20. Here is the new Version of the "ICAM"!
  21. Remote Audio has a waterproof box for transmitters. The link is below http://www.trewaudio.com/waterbox.htm John
  22. Actually you should name the mixer so that everybody will know not tob work with him.
  23. Will the B-6 wired for a Lectrosonics 201 and 211 work with a Tram Power supply? John Lifavi ILavLA@pacbell.net
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