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    I've been working part-time as a boom op and sound recordist/audio editor and whatever audio-related opportunity I can find to build my resume and skills level up over the past 6 years, mostly in coastal New England (Southern Maine, Boston and North Shore Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire). I studied audio engineering at the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH, where I graduated with High Honors. While there, I took classes in post-production sound for films and became more interested in the opportunities within the film/commercial end, specifically in production sound. Since then, I've been working on a number of small, local film shorts and commercials, but would really like to continue my education with a mentor, learning my way up and being the best I can. I'm very detail-oriented and conscientious and easy to work with, as well as eager to learn. Currently, I've been working full-time as a tree climber and arborist, which affords me some pretty amazing views.

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