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  1. Hello folks, A client of mine is looking for a sound recordist in the Champaign, Illinois area for a doc shoot, possibly this Tuesday (June 12th). Anyone interested and available? Please contact her directly: Manette Pottle manettepottle@gmail.com Thank you all, Djim
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    paperwork, paperwork

    Hello to all of you. I'm somewhat new here, although I've been reading some of the information and opinions shared on this site for about a year now. I've been working as a recordist for indie films, regional commercials, corporate shoots and PSA's for about 6 years now (in the New England area), slowly building up my experience and a solid, repeat client base. This past week I was contacted to work on a project for 3 days in January, as part of a health care video. I exchanged emails with my initial contact person and then we spoke over the phone and all seemed well. I inquired about paperwork formalities and he told me he'd check with the HR person, but that he thought they would only require a W9 and possibly a standard form contract. The following day I was contacted by the HR person who forwarded the necessary paperwork, which I filled out, but hadn't yet sent. A day or two later both he and she contacted me to inform me of some changes in their company's contractor policies which were required by the state of Connecticut and the Federal government. Two of the stipulations were that I needed to have a business license and a $1,000,000 general liability insurance. I informed them that I had neither of these things and had never worked on a shoot where they were required. The HR person initially told me that they would skirt these policies this one time, as I may or may not be covered under this new law. She said that the state was forcing these businesses to require this info from contractors as a "back door" maneuver to catch people that were not paying for health insurance, etc. Since I might only be doing a few shoots a year for them, potentially, it would still be way under the 500 hours that the state was trying to keep an eye out on. Another day later, I received another email from this HR person with 2 more contracts and a statement saying that I would indeed need to meet these above requirements afterall and fill out additional paperwork. Obviously, I'm running a business, albeit a very small freelancing one, and I'm aware that I need to follow local, State and Federal laws, but has anyone else encountered this and if so, what advice could you recommend? For one small job, and for not that much money, it seems like a hassle. Insurance of any sort gives me the willies, but considering my investment, it's probably high time I look into it. Does anyone have any suggestions? At least for my gear. Thanks in advance. Djim Reynolds By the way, I didn't mention it but I'm based in the Boston area.
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    paperwork, paperwork

    Thanks for the input so far. From my dialog with the HR person, it sounds like they are new to this game as well and are looking to follow the letter of the laws in their state (CT) and according to her, that the state is looking to the employers of contractors to basically police who they hire for them and should they discover people that are either not paying taxes, health insurance or other insurances, and are not licensed to do business in the state, then they will come down on the employer and then upon the contractor. Mind you, Connecticut is also the insurance capital of the country, so it's not surprising that they would implement a tactic like that to spur their businesses along, but this company is hiring me to work in my own state of Massachusetts, not in Connecticut. I already have health insurance, so I'm not concerned about that (being in Mass., we're required to have it anyway). It sounds more like the employer is concerned that someone higher up is going to come sniffing around their business and they don't want to start off on the wrong foot. I'm going to discuss it further with her on Friday and see where things stand. When I spoke with her yesterday, she said submit the W9 and the first signed contract and submit my invoice after the shoot, which is my standard practice. I have a feeling that she probably started talking with someone within her company, or their lawyer and they just want to cover themselves.