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  1. Hey everyone, I hate these kind of posts, but here I am in a Mexican hotel room with a camera that's not co-operating. Panasonic EVA-1 is shooting PAL, is in 25fps (on speed and recording audio), but is locked in record run and won't take a timecode jam from my tentacle. The menu item that allows you to switch from free run to rec run is greyed out and un-selectable. Anyone used this camera before? I've been through every menu setting and nothing has allowed me access to freerun. Thoughts? Thanks in advance. Parker Got it! Turns out the below setting must be
  2. Hey guys, Maybe I can piggyback on this thread... I've got a director asking about the DVX200. I saw the BNC TC I/O and thought, 'Great, that should work with a TC sync box'. Then dug further and saw a review state: Another BNC handles timecode I/O for jam-syncing between cameras: you can set the camera’s timecode generator to generate or to match a reference, but the camera itself doesn’t genlock to a master clock nor does it follow external timecode continuously. This reminds me of the old firewire sync ports on HVX's. Can anyone explain exactly how this works? The ca
  3. Thanks again everyone, I tend to agree with Tom that stereo specialization is likely to take a back seat to providing a clean track and I wonder how much I should be looking to mic the room (mics back where it sounds nice to the audience/FOH) versus just trying to get the mics ( or even just a mono mic) past the audience near the PA (on pads) and let post fill in ambience with camera mic and Zoom. I'm a little wary of leaving the venue and all of it's noise and chaos to hear tracks that sound suddenly way to noisy and chaotic because the mics were back in the room. That said I've never mic'
  4. Thanks guys, It's going to be a beast, but I can do some footwork before hand. The bands play in showcases from noon to 6 and 8 to 2am, each for 30 min before the next band gets 15 min to set up for their 30 min etc. Half of them are outdoors and half of them are not real places, just made up venues for the week (I once saw a full sponsored showcase in a residential backyard). I really appreciate your responses, all good advice. I hadn't heard of the sescoms, they're on their way. My friend pedals a cycle cab and makes $4k in 5 days...wonder which of us will work harder... Pb
  5. Hey everyone, hope life is good, Just a quick favor if I may. I'm up for a gig during the SxSW music festival for a documentary in which we'll be following a band all about town and recording and filming their various live performances. SxSW is chaotic to say the least (read tons of live music performances in a crazy number of wildly variable venues). I'm confident I've got the 4 band members under control (so to speak), but I wanted to ask if anyone had any suggestions for recording the live performances. I've asked for advance notice of the venues so that I might have a chat with the ma
  6. Hi everyone, Quick question. I have a Lectrosonics WM waterproof Tx that I've just noticed works very poorly with PowerEx NiMH AAs. I rarely use the WM and when I do it's usually with lithium AAs, which have always worked fine. I recently popped in the NiMH batteries with a full charge and the power LED is immediately flashing between green and red, the RM works unreliably with it and battery life is very short. I called Lectrosonics about it thinking that maybe my unit might have a problem and they said that there are most likely differences in the design that require the WM to use only lit
  7. So I think <cap> means "Call Deneke". Good call. Charlie at Deneke said what Glen said, and also that what I proposed was correct for the TS-2 and TS-3. Once the numbers are rolling the 1/4 inch TC input becomes an outout for those slates but not the TS-C. I'll think a little harder next time.
  8. I'm starting a commercial shoot with an Alexa this weekend and I want to try using a TS-C as the timecode source for jamming the camera (or at least have the option). I know the 1/4 inch input on the slate is tc tip, ground sleeve, but is the slate outputing tc on this same jack? My tc cables are of the bi-directional xlr to lemo type. Is it simply a matter of adapting the 1/4 inch to xlr male and running to camera? I'll rent the slate the night before and give it a go, but I thought I'd check in here as well. Thanks and good luck out there.
  9. Here's an earlier thread about mic'ing a gasmask.
  10. I've jacked into the scarlet and it worked fine. It seems like the pro i/o tc input is either turned off or set to output. I've given up on it and I'm using the 4 pin, which means I have to leave the scarlet on its own clock. A couple of side notes on the pro i/o. It allows you to use a line input but unchecks the box, reverting to Mic, when the camera cycles power. This will obviously screw you. Also the ch3/4 level controls did not work for me. I lined up tone by decreasing the output gain on the 788t.
  11. I'm on set feeding an epic tc through a hardline from my 788T into the 5 pin lemo on the Pro i/o. I've set the epic to external tc but its not picking up the tc. We've taken it off external and manually set it to time of day. I then checked my 788 and discovered it's receiving tc from the epic back through my tc cable's tc out on xlr. I'm jammed up but confused as to what I'm missing. I'll have to do the same with a scarlet in a few hours. The AC is no help. Thanks, Parker
  12. Job done. With the approval of the higher ups and our cave guide, who had seen it done before, I punched a tiny hole in the side of the mask, ran a mic cable through, sealed the hole with silicon and placed it inside the innermost breathing chamber just above nostril level. I tried a B6 and a COS-11s. The B6 sounded horrible, lots of reverberant buzzing. The COS-11 sounded very nice. Just Darth Vader'y enough to sound cool, but perfectly intelligible. Here are a couple of pics I took in a rush as I was taking it apart on the pavement at the airport. The first pic you can just make out
  13. It's worth noting that the WM is larger than the SMQV, more like a UM. If you're used to the SMQV then the WM looks a bit like a caricature when sitting next to it. Also, for the sake of thoroughness, the button layout is flipped 180 degrees. Here's a pic. SMQV - WM - UM200C. If you need ultra fast battery changes the WM takes 4 times as long.
  14. Ya, they're just non-lubricated condoms. http://www.sheatheswireless.com/ Keeps out sweat, dirt, grime, etc. Hoping someone had already taken the Senator's advice. LSC it is.
  15. Hey guys, I just got a call from the folks over at Sheathing Technologies Inc about ordering body pack covers from them for my smqv's. What it came down to was, I have to order 2 boxes of 100 pieces minimum at $39ea. They're going to charge me $5 to ship to a residential address They want $22 to ship to my house in Austin Good on them for doing what they've gotta do, but I'm really only looking for around 50, so I thought it'd see if anyone out there had a supply they wouldn't mind selling from. Interested? Thanks, Parker
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