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  1. What Jim Said.. And knowing the camera men, I doubt they were using a RED camera.
  2. I had this same problem in the for sale thread, and could not reply.
  3. You can't go wrong with the SD 633, or SD 664. They are great machines with lots of flexibility with recording and routing options. If you want to go the SD 442 route, let me know, I have 2 for sale. Also a SD 744 for sale if you want to go that way..
  4. I did a job last week for 60 minutes, and I am in the process for the whole TREX thing. What a pain in the ass. I have a PC, but it's still a pain for 1 day of work.
  5. Thats very nice of you. I am selling a lot of sound equipment, and will consider donation the things that don't sell.
  6. I am available and I have the input cable for the red one. If whoever you got to do the job needs a breakaway cable for the Red One. Have them get in touch with me. Lenschmitz@gmail.com
  7. I always worry that al the comteks won't come back, but some how they alwasy do. I like the shoe tree idea, I'm going to have to look into that. I usually just hook them on the back of all the director chairs in video village. Label lab makes all kinds labels, including metalic ones.
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