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  1. alidav

    long shotgun on a dslr

    I am aware of the sacrilegious question, but we dont have other choise, we need to shoot in an operating room, and no other person but the video operator is allowed, no equipment place here and there, only on man with dslr on a jimbal. we need to capture a decent dialogue of doctors operating a 2 meters. any suggestion for a good mic for a dslr.?
  2. alidav

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    I have traveled to Beirut from Naples, we toke 4 flights for the round trip, everything was smooth probably because at our destination we found UN officers (we were shooting for them) and military police waiting for us and helping us to arrange all the visas procedures when arriving and leaving. the only eye control we had was in Rome on the hand luggage and they checked the lithium batteries, I can say that I had one 95Wh, one 160 Wh, 1 phone power bank, some AA batteries and a sound devices 664 in the hand luggage and passed through, all the rest: petrol bag, harness, leatherman, cables, wireless mic, boom, windshields, and accessories was in a pelicase checked in. the only issue was about the air company that stole us 230€ to take on board an extra small baggage.
  3. we had the proper cable bought from the production, lucky us.
  4. we have 2 sd 668 -664 to sync to each other and both have both a lemo - bnc cable, do you think if joining them via a BNC/BNC female adapter, it going to work?
  5. alidav

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    Pat there is a none issue for gear described, for the 65 wh battery no problem at all. The regulation described on any company website states that over the 160 wh are not allowed but none I know many people that have totally been ignored with 180 wh batteries. 2) when you travel with your personal used gear why you should get through the custom. I have traveled fro EU to us in the past with gear, with no issue at all, have ordered some mic at BH photo and had it delivered from a friend traveling and not a problem also
  6. alidav

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    this is a general rule or just in US.
  7. alidav

    ta5f line hookup (servo and non servo)

    eric this is a your answer given in another discussion, and is more clear to me. since i am going from the x1-x2 on sound devices 664/688 "From what connection on the 788 to Lectro TX line in? If the output on the 788 is a balanced connection then it's pin 1 to pin one for the ground. Pin 2 on the the TA3 to pin 5 on the TA5 for line in. Pin 3 on the TA3 goes to pin 3 on the TA5 for line level. Eric"
  8. alidav

    ta5f line hookup (servo and non servo)

    you mean the 7 one? https://www.lectrosonics.com/Support/Microphone-Wiring/uhf-transmitter-5-pin-input-jack-wiring.html ? pin 1 and 3 are jumped together also. what confuses me is that the wiring, in any case, doesn't seem to be balanced. pin 2 (hot ) goes on 5 and pin 3 (cold) goes always jumped to the ground (pin 1) so at end we have a sort of 2 wire connections, like the sennheisers evolutions.
  9. alidav

    ta5f line hookup (servo and non servo)

    as i found on another discussion, this picture is the way to go?
  10. is there any differences in line wiring for servo and non servo lectrosonics transmitters?
  11. this is hard to accomplish especially with budget Chinese connectors, ill buy more expensive one with an ipx cable already wired on the distances involved here are around 15 meters with some wall in between, I've already done some other sma replacement and it works good, much stronger than this one. as I've said I have replaced again the stock antenna and nothing changed. I can use this receiver anyway, avoiding to use where have long distances involved, but id like to have all my gear at 100%.(also the spares)
  12. I replaced again with the standard antenna
  13. I have replaced the antenna on the receiver with a sma connector, and tested it with the new antenna, i switched on a tx and moved quite far, with 2 receivers on, the new modified and one standard, this one had a stronger rf, I did replace the standard antenna and nothing changed, the rf was still weaker. so I supposed that the problem could exist already before having fiddled with antennas, my suspicion was about having done what is your idea?