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  1. I was meaning issue about receiving perfomance.
  2. we have to deal with a cart not optimized with receivers, can many pairs of receiving antennas of different systems,( 2 boosted antenna on wisycom, 2 dipole self made antennas on a lectrosonics venue, others pairs of antenna of several other lectros in other blocks) can in some way affect to each other performance or introduce any other issues? when using many transmitters, we have to deal severely with intermodulation error, but there is some technical issue coming out on receivers? thank you
  3. hi a company i work with sometimes, has a sl6 with 4 wisicom, and has 4 sanken cos 11 wired for lectros servo biased. they don t want to change connector and just want to build an adapter, what is the correct wiring for this? would work also for older lectros um 400?
  4. Is possible to combine 2 antennas to a sl6 with wysicoms and a venue1? The venue (blk 28 -29) has a thought output and I need to know if it is freq wide range or it is just related to the operational blocks
  5. my walk test failt 2 times, it was worse than the stock antenna, can depend from connector quality and cable to connect to the board?
  6. I used a 50 OHM antenna tv cable, in a case i used the same cable soldiered directly on the Sennheiser g2 motherboard, to replace the broken stock antenna.
  7. If using that dipole DIY antenna on a UCR 411 receiver, I need to replace both the stock antennas to get better results? If using that dipole DIY antenna on a UCR 411 receiver, I need to replace both the stock antennas to get better results?
  8. sorry to resume this conversation after many weeks, do you think this can accomplish the goal? to put an sma connector on sennheisers ?https://it.aliexpress.com/item/5pcs-SMA-Connector-Cable-Female-to-uFL-u-FL-IPX-IPEX-RF-Or-NO-Connector-Coax/32909354468.html?spm=a2g0y.10010108.1000016.1.35a339ebSPmqgI&isOrigTitle=true
  9. I have a question about length, I have several Sennheiser g series, all in b range and the antenna length is 11 cm ( 4,33 inches), since the range is 626 - 661, considering the formula 300,000/ freq/4 is around 11 cm all seems to be coherent, if considering this document https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/phocadownload/ammkit_td.pdf in the same frequency range the length is quite shorter. lectros seems to be shorter then sennheisers.
  10. QUANT WHAT IS THIS connector, has it been crimped?
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