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  1. alidav

    sennheiser tx ew100 g2-g3, at 100 mw

    sorry to resuscitate this thread, I 've bought a used Sennheiser 2000 mainly to send scratch audio to cameras and using 1 2000 Rx + 2 g2 rxs, the point is that it is an only 50mw while for the US market normally it is a 100 mW. anyone know to upgrade this? is a firmware issue? I've heard that it takes a software to accomplish this improvement, do you know something more detailed?
  2. anyone knows how to bring the EU version 50 MW of rf power on a sk2000 Sennheiser to 100 MW? (like the US version?)
  3. alidav

    What is your spare recorder

    As spare recorder, hoping I am going never to use it I love it, especially if i pay 3-400 € less
  4. alidav

    LM transmitter question

    anyone can tell me some more info about lectrosonics LM transmitters, (not LMA) can it work with the Venue? is it servo biased? the sanken cos 11 could be wired as for any sma and newer tx?
  5. alidav

    Lectrosonics wiring - Standard or Servo?

    what is the universal wiring,
  6. it is related the 2 wires( fig 2)
  7. with this, i can use that lav with any newer tx as sm etc?
  8. I 've read many discussions and manuals, when I asked my usual renting company service assistance they minimized the problem and told, yes the wiring is universal for older and newer lectrosonic. we do it, it's up to you if you want us to use the resistor inside or not. For older um400 is the fig 11 the correct one, and what is the issue if I am going to use it on some newer lectro?
  9. alidav

    Wisycom MPR52 with G3/G4 experiences?

    the A is important just to match them with other brands, what about the rest of functionality, I have bought a used ucr411/um400 (no A)
  10. is this also effective for um400 tx? (not um400 A)
  11. alidav

    What is your spare recorder

    thinking about a zoom h6, since i need the combo xy mic for some effects recording, and can give 4 tks via xlrs. as soon as i can I think ill go on a another sd like 633
  12. alidav

    What is your spare recorder

    at the moment I can't afford another sound devices series6, but I don't feel confortable to go somewhere on location with just one recorder, thats why at least i have been thinking to something cheaper but better than nothing, I am looking at a zoom h6 or again another tascam dr100, useful also for fsx recording and simple stuffs, like 1 boom and a wireless for example. I totally agree with you that a spare recorder has to guarantee the same workflow, as time code, ifb, audio distribution to cameras, via wireless or via breakway cable etc, but an emergency is an emergency. As soon as I d like to get a sd 633
  13. alidav

    What is your spare recorder

    Since I've lost (probably stolen ) a Tascam dr100 was thinking to buy a new small recorder for fast works with the only boom but in same time was also considering to buy a reliable backup recorder in case of any issue with my actual sd 664, what is your choice about a spare recorder, to have on the bottom of your bag? I still have a Fostex pd6 still perfectly working, but heavy and cumbersome and not easily portable, so I thought at a zoom f8 with 8 tracks and the most recent sound devices M series but bit more expensive than the zoom.
  14. alidav

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    nobody is missing a display on the nanolockit?
  15. I know that this is a very old thread, but I was curious if any update came lately. I have a pd6 in a case with not even the drive inside but this kind of upgrade would be great. As spare machine it would have a new life