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  1. We are about to shoot a musical episode on a scripted series that doesn't normally have a lot of musical numbers. It is my understanding that the music will be prerecorded and we will have a playback op on set who will deal with earwigs, etc. I am expecting to use the same methods we normally do when there is a music performance in an episode, just on a larger scale. I will record a track of the music feed and music tc from the playback op, and be ready for recording live singing on set if necessary. If there is dialogue we will use the earwigs when necessary to get it clean. As the production mixer, are there any major differences I should prepare for? Any advice or warnings? Do I need to plan for a large number of additional tracks? If they want the singing recorded on set, are there preferred microphones (lav and boom) other than what we normally use? (Sennheiser MKH50, Sanken COS-11, etc.) Any advice is welcome. Thanks!
  2. That's what I was afraid of. Thanks
  3. We have a new backlit SMV transmitter which is showing "PLL" on the display and is not being recognized by the receiver. Anybody had this issue? Any suggestions?
  4. Yeah, I think that one's been there a while. I didn't have the EX12.
  5. My PD-6 was stolen from a storage unit last weekend. Serial number 0940419. Please email me if you come across someone trying to sell it on another site. psorohan@gmail.com Thanks. Paul
  6. Anyone have any insight into using wireless block 19 in the Atlanta area?
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