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  1. +1 lack of AES3 a dealbreaker for me. Looks great other than that.
  2. Yes not really designed to be rebuilt. Although you can take it apart carefully without destroying it, you'd have to glue it back together. Not really practical.
  3. Wow! Its's a shame all those 1980's microphones were thrown away. What were they thinking back then?
  4. Had mine done at ASC in Toronto. I think the original post was by Ao Loo.
  5. Looks like it would be great for charging your cell phone when camping.
  6. The press release mentions its powered by 2 AAs so maybe the size of a SMQV? No dimension spec on Lectro site.
  7. Yes. Nice looking cart Bill.
  8. That video and cart has redefined the whole genre of cart porn. Best ever. I'm weak in the knees.
  9. Yes. Wow. The ultimate TB/Slate Mic but a bit pricy. digitalaudioservice.de/schoeps-hsc-4vxs-headset.html
  10. Hi Jeff although I normally email when I get home couldn't you set up a personal hotspot with your iphone and send it?
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