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  1. http://dedleg.uk.com
  2. Yes you asked about it before and it was answered.
  3. +1 for Cinela Pianissimo. Haven't experienced any moisture issues. Never had any issues with my 641 either and I live in a wet country.
  4. https://www.comreg.ie/csv/downloads/Interleaved and Unused Sprectrum between 470 MHz - 790 MHz.pdf There is a narrow window of 863- 865MHz that you can use, but low 600’s is best. Ch38 (606 - 614MHz) is pretty clear for our needs countrywide.
  5. Any verdicts on the Rycote quick release now that it's been out there for a little while? I have a couple of Ambients already so curious how it compares.
  6. Decided a while ago that there's no point selling mine. It's still worth a lot more to me as a backup than the €1k or so they go for now. Recently replaced the internal AA for the first time.
  7. Nice post. Was just listening to this David Rodigan interview which has me in the mood...
  8. It's very smooth plastic. I had good results with them recently under synthetic material which was causing some issues with the rubbery Sanken rm11 mounts. Another useful option to have in the kit for sure.
  9. RCarew

    Deity Connect.

    They seem to be in a big rush to get it to market.
  10. I had a similar job recently. A panel of 12 service providers to a government department speaking informally. Identities confidential and the client only wanted the audio for transcription purposes so quality wasn't important, just intelligibility. Also they requested that I be as unintrusive as possible.... It was a long boardroom type table and I just left 6 mic packs with cos11s along the length of it in the centre. The Dugan automix really helped, but it was not production audio by any stretch. Client was happy and they got what they needed. If it had to be decent quality audio I would have hired in goosenecks for sure.
  11. Which transformer? Assuming it's the input and you want to replace it you'd be paying a $100 for a new one from Lundahl, and it could be just a loose pin. I'd send it to SD for a service.
  12. The Alchemists of Sound doc is highly recommended!
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