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  1. We did do a custom run of some 10 bank charges. We do have 4&8 bank charges in the works but unfortunately have had a delay in our molded parts. We do currently have a USB powered 2-bank charger available. This does charge the batteries simultaneously. We've had a couple clients use these and a USB charging hub to make multi chargers.
  2. The Orca is by far the smallest, but because the innner body and tips are made of steel it's actually heavier than the Sound Guys and the Ambient. In all honesty I'd be amazed if someone could tell the boom was 1oz heavier.... The main difference in all 3 come down to functionality and personal preference.
  3. If you would like to try a Sound Guys Solutions quick release please let me know and I'll send a demo out to you. Gene@sound-guys.com https://www.sound-guys.com/#BOOM_QUICK_RELEASE
  4. It's not on any of the websites yet because it's not officially released. Gene
  5. These will be shipping in 1 to 2 weeks. Allows for the antenna to be in the up and up or down position. Available at any Sound Guys Dealer, Retail $28
  6. Sound Guys 2.4GHz Amp Update As many of you know the amp we've been working on for over a year unfortunately will not be available through Sound Guys Solutions and or any of our dealers. The company manufacturing the amp for us had falsified FCC documents for this particular product. They have unfortunately no interest in correcting this issue. Not being the manufacture I can't do anything with the FCC about it either. The amp will still be available on a site yet to be determined. As a note 90% of the amps on the market are not FCC approved and if they are, they are designed to work with a specific piece of equipment. For example any amplifier that comes as a kit must be used as a kit. The moment you remove one of the pieces it is no longer FCC approved. The end-user is overall responsible to make sure they are operating within the FCC rules, not so much whether or not an amp is FCC approved. The amp we had designed works great in a bag and even better on a cart. In a bag it does not play nice with an M-216, but I had multiple beta test users using it with a BST-75/216. On the cart I haven't had any issues whatsoever. If anybody is still interested in purchasing the amp please email me and I will forward you the purchasing information as soon as I have it. Thank you gene @ audiodept.com Gene Martin
  7. On the prototype units the antenna SMA is reverse polarity. The final units are standard SMA for the antenna
  8. We're scheduled for release very end of December or 1 week of January. We'll keep you posted. Gene
  9. If you still need custom cabling we can help you out. Please email drew@audiodept.com Gene
  10. Please email me with the quantities and connector type need and we'll get a price to you. gene@audiodept.com Gene
  11. At Audio Department we handle custom cables a little different than other locations. We don't bill for the parts and the labor, we bill as if the cable was sitting on the sales floor. Obviously if you just purchased the connectors and do the work yourself it cost less.
  12. Please email drew@audiodept.com. He'll be able to get pricing for you once we know exactly what you want. We are working on a custom cable page that will provide pricing. Gene Martin
  13. Audio Department, DPA Microphones and Zaxcom present: SOUND DRIVEN - An exploration into automotive miking techniques for dialogue and SFX. We will have a car on stage rigged for sound in various ways. You will be able to independently listen to the differences between diverse types of microphone placement. We will also be examining the importance of flat frequency response and wide dynamic range when recording dialogue and SFX with an array of mics from DPA Microphones. Zaxcom's NeverClip (tm) technology and belt-pack internal recording capabilities will be investigated as well. Food and beverages will be provided. Come join us for a fun hands on experience! Please RSVP at sound-driven.eventbrite.com so we know how many to expect. You can also join register for the event on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/events/574998729342981/
  14. Jan. 9th Only Promotions: - Audio Dept pays Sales Tax on Zaxcom purchases - Audio Dept $50 Zaxcom Discount Card (valid until 1/31/16) - 10% off DPA
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