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  1. Jeff, I apologize - I did not realize that was in violation of the forum rule. It won't happen again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hi Derek, thank you for your question. All Lemo patents have expired: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LEMO It is not illegal to produce replicas of product unless you actually physically label them as LEMO which is a violation of the trademark. Push-pull connectors are manufactured by many companies as well like Fischer Connectors, ODU connectors and Souriau connectors which a lot of them are "backward-compatible" with LEMO as well. The only technical differe
  2. Good evening, we noticed some traffic from this forum based on recommendation from other customers so we thought we would post here and provide some information about our products and company. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KeyWolf (http://keywolf.com/) is a global supplier of metal and plastic circular push-pull connectors. We supply LEMO equivalent and back-compatible (mateable) connectors at the fraction of the cost. These connectors are virtually the exact same as the LEMO connectors from manufacturin
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