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    29 year TV News Camerman/Editor in NY metro. Station was defunded in 2011, June 30th. Forced into early retirement, time to re invent myself and invested in a pre owned 552 from Jared Simmons and a pre owned 302 from Scott Minor and a pre owned 442 from Devendra Cleary and have been doing freelance sound since 2011. I have recently upgraded to the Sound Devices 633 and 6 Lectro 411/srb units with SMQVs and all the industry standard wired mics. The 552 and 442 have moved on to other owners I now use the 633 and 302 and love going to work every opportunity I get!!

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen I found this IPA quite by accident...one of the BEST ipas I have ever had! Ask my local store about stocking it....he is looking into it!! If you can find it buy some!! Slainte
  2. Yes I have Karl Winkler has addressed this situation, I believe that the disclaimer on phantom power should be addressed in RED at the first page, not page 6 or 7. They are selling this as a camera hop...I did not repurpose this unit, karl also stated that mic level from M2R is preferred....geez oh whiz, next button is P48!! Gonna get the cable that both Whitney Ince and Karl Winkler mentioned!! Locking ring connector and phantom protection needed!! Hate being a guinea pig, expect more from Lectrosonics! I have put phantom accidentally to many receivers from Lectro, never been an issue! SOMEONE CLEARLY HAS DROPPED THE BALL!!
  3. I purchased these units 11-22-19, Lectro drop shipped next day. Put them to work 11-25 everything was AOK! Gain staging and attaining line level to camera a little wonky! Go to use two days later, same camera op, same camera, we were scrambling, camera op says let me mount M2R, he does, I set up my Mixer and the DCHT power it up send tone, see it at DCHT pulsing left, go yo the already powered camera and see one of the switches on the FS-7 is on +48 volts!!! He was shooting B roll day previous and was powering his on camera mic. Ok I think, M2R was not powered up, flick switch to line power the M2R see the tone is going in, see left side pulsing...only buzz into the camera!! FRIED IT!!! No warning in any of Lectros' literature!!! There has to be an in line surge protector of sorts! Ive had srbs for years and I know they have even hit by phantom power and no ill effect!! On way back to the mothership, at cost of 186$ .....plus I'm sure of an expensive repair/ board replacement!
  4. jwill

    DCHT & M2R

    The knob can be locked out via the menu and its only function then is on/off. When its enabled it will act as HP volume in an IFB/IEM situation. I ran DCHT at 35 and M2R at 100 and it went to FS7 set at line level at -20, FS7 pots half open. Further experimentation needed! Snart scan works like a charm and it lasted 7 hrs on lithiums!
  5. Gentlemen thank you for all the terrific ideas...I ended up KISS ing it! 2 MKH 50s with -10 switch on and it sounded mint!! Best JHW
  6. jwill

    DCHT & M2R

    First gig....worked like a charm! Smart tuned on site, synced, linked to Sony FS-7 and worked flawlessly for 7 hours!
  7. No orchestra, playback music stripped of vocal thru a set of Bose speakers, employees are singing!
  8. The room is a lobby, stone floors 30'foot ceiling roughly 80' by 80' and all non performers....employees
  9. To the collective braintrust, a group of approximately 100 are going to be positioned on three risers and sing to music only of Rocking around the Christmas tree, no solos and we shoot three takes ( Wide Medium and cu) with them holding sheet with lyrics, so mics can be i the shot. Then all cutaways and associated shots. The final product lives in house on the companies computers! I have 3 MKH 416s, 2 MKH 50s and 3 RE 50s,and multiple Lectors with COS 11 lavs any advice on where to position mics, which ones to use/avoid?
  10. jwill

    DCHT & M2R

    Just took delivery....manuals aren't that helpful to get you up and running! Watched a few video tutorials and they too lack real world gain staging situations. One says to switch mixer out put and DCHT to AES and put M2R at a gain of 30, I did and i got no signal to the FS-7 set at line level...when I switched to mic level got a signal when I sent tone ...but not to minus20 unless i cranked the pots on the FS-7 which caused a noticeable hiss....I kill tone and open mic and its all hiss. My setup has the DCHT set to line and gain at 35 and M2R set to 100 and the FS7 at Line level....good and clean minus 20 tone and FS7 pots half open! Mics sound good too....Im guessing 1 a 100 setting is line level? Manuals don't really tell you!
  11. Anyone have any experience with Lectro PDRs? How are you using them?
  12. My new favorite from Sierra Nevada!!
  13. I just took the plunge into Block 941 ( 4-19) , I am licensed, since 2012. The licensing process was fairly easy with Bill Rucks assistance. I only mentioned my License call letter and the fact I'd been licensed since 2012 when purchasing the 941s', no body asked for proof beyond that! Never been challenged as to what power I operate my trannies! Never had to bump up past 50MW with the 940 setup!
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