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    29 year TV News Camerman/Editor in NY metro. Station was defunded in 2011, June 30th. Forced into early retirement, time to re invent myself and invested in a pre owned 552 from Jared Simmons and a pre owned 302 from Scott Minor and a pre owned 442 from Devendra Cleary and have been doing freelance sound since 2011. I have recently upgraded to the Sound Devices 633 and 6 Lectro 411/srb units with SMQVs and all the industry standard wired mics. The 552 and 442 have moved on to other owners I now use the 633 and 302 and love going to work every opportunity I get!!

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  1. Has anyone here tried this lashup? What are your thoughts... and if you roll like this what is the sound quality?
  2. Hello JW gents and ladies, I am presently using the SR slide in box to attach my DCHR to cameras, it has some part that never quite come completely tight, what are you all doing in this regard?
  3. jwill

    VHF 174-215

    Hello and Happy Holidays Anyone using VHF block in the 174-215 range? What are your experiences and thoughts?
  4. Hello Ed, if I hook up my SMQV block 19 as a single channel hop and my 411...I can dial it right in! Same with my Blk 940 SMQVs and SRC!
  5. I have had this full spectrum combo for a little over 8 months now, each time I use as a hop it seems to "dial in" differently. Cant seem to find the sweet spot, I deliver signal to DCHT line level +23 linked... DCHR gain+5, ( borrowed FS7) pots @ 9 to make -20 in camera meters. I have done DCHT +29 line level, DCHR gain +0, FS7 pots @ 8 to make -20. Any words of wisdom from the community?
  6. Covid and its variants are still out there! I was recently on a studio shoot, 17 crew all PCR tested, one crew didn't get results from PCR so production let him do regular rapid, which was negative....guess what....his PCR results came back after the wrap......POSITIVE( and he Puffed a vape cig during production) 10 fully vaxxed, 7 not they..... all got the covid!
  7. Correction off day .......so I sorted the gear, I was not in stereo mode on the DCHR and gain structure wasn't optimal! Went into ch 2 with Mic/PH on 633, not my normal line level and gain on tx was at 17, 30 for the smqvs!
  8. No, DCHT/DCHR were fine until the Dugan auto mix closed , it never re opened.....until I shut down and restarted DCHR/DCHT and removed Ch2 ( the DCHR) from Dugan auto mix.
  9. I was on a gig and 3 talking heads became 4. Its a 3 camera shoot and Ive only an SRC blk 940 and 2 smqvs and a UCR 411 blk 19 and smqv. I was looking at a hard wired ECM 77 couldn't get wire to not show on super wide lockdown shot. So I remembered I have my hop DCHT/DCHR....I will just turn it around and use one mic into the splitter cable and VOILA.... I have 4 wireless. I was using the Dugan auto mix feature, had all 4 selected and as soon as the dcht/dchr combo was closed it wouldn't open again!! Quick moment of panic, battery check, turn off and back on and its working, I ended up taking this DCHT/DCHR out of auto mix and all was fine. I am guessing that being there were two paths to chose from , auto mix couldn't figure which to re open?
  10. Has anyone jumped in with the newest Lectro offerings? Is the digital architecture noticeably better? I see you can potentially have software upgrades done without sending units in. What are the other plusses in your opinion? Negatives?
  11. Of course!! Thanks for the quick reply and link!
  12. I currently have the DCHT/DCHR combo and use them as a camera hop. I have an upcoming shoot and an additional wire is needed. I thought of the DCHT/DCHR combo but realize it isn't ta5 in. What have you done cable wise to make it a talent lav? Re solder a ta6 onto an existing law, have a ta6 to ta5 wye so 2 lavs can be sent to the DCHT? Any ideas/ insights are welcomed! Thanks
  13. While recording can I send audio via my mixer to/thru my I Phone XR so someone can listen remotely?
  14. no no, 2 friends were in clinical trial, one received placebo and became infected well after trial ,,, the other said he had chills, fever etc after second dose and at some point I assume they were notified1
  15. Martin, Were you in a clinical trial with Pfizer/Moderna? I had a couple of friends get into the trials, ONE got the vaccine the other the placebo, One got covid pretty bad (placebo) .... now has to wait 90 days from when she finally tests negative!
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