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    29 year TV News Camerman/Editor in NY metro. Station was defunded in 2011, June 30th. Forced into early retirement, time to re invent myself and invested in a pre owned 552 from Jared Simmons and a pre owned 302 from Scott Minor and a pre owned 442 from Devendra Cleary and have been doing freelance sound since 2011. I have recently upgraded to the Sound Devices 633 and 6 Lectro 411/srb units with SMQVs and all the industry standard wired mics. The 552 and 442 have moved on to other owners I now use the 633 and 302 and love going to work every opportunity I get!!

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  1. jwill

    Block 941

    Has anyone jumped into 941, and if so what has been your experience?
  2. Thank you all for your advice and input...KISS is key!! It has me refocused!!
  3. I own 2 633s. I have an upcoming job where there are going to be 6 people seated at a u shaped table all talking. It will be lit with a china lantern overhead and there will be a tiffany lamp suspended overhead. Booms are out, I have 6 wireless, 4 block 19 and 2 block 20, but don't know if I want to run risk of intermod and dropouts. I am thinking of running 6 wired lavs, 3 into one 633 then out to the three line inputs of the other 633 and the other 3 into the mic inputs of the 2nd 633. I can send 1 & 2 out the XLR output and assign ch 3 to x1 out and into 2nd 633 ch 6. Any advice or thoughts on this topic?
  4. 2018 version, SD 633 NP AA for 633 power NP -1 for Wires , 4 411s' and 4 SMQV's, 18 lbs! Way lighter than the sony bvu 110!! clean and well sorted bags all!!
  5. jwill

    Lectro PDR

    Has anyone used the PDRs from Lectro? This looks like a fantastic way to have a solid backup, I see that you can take output of PDR into a transmitter, I have been on several shoots lately where talent gets out of range, or NYC where rf changes from front of building to the back and this setup would save the day. What are your opinions/thoughts?
  6. jwill

    Remin Kartmaster

    Hear ya go, I attach tray backwards when in stretch mode to assist DP with load in, once inside i reverse top tray and go small!! Victor Kasmark ( remin) will make ups one! 100 or so $!! Now that you see it , Im betting you make it with your dad....I would!!
  7. jwill

    Remin Kartmaster

    It is pretty over engineered, i'll post a shot
  8. jwill

    Remin Kartmaster

    You can have Remin make you a half shelf, its how I roll. I attach half shelf to front fork and roll in with Kartmaster at full length with pelicans etc, then once on site collapse to half a put up half shelf, perfect work space!
  9. Larry Now I haven a complete understanding of the situation...thank you.
  10. I reached out to the Lectrosonics folks and was told It is illegal for lectro to reblock to 941 even if you are a Part 74 license holder! He went on to say I should contact sales to see if they can sell block 941 to me?
  11. I have been noticing that block 19 is increasingly short on clear scans in the NYC area (I have 3 411s in this block) and have been thinking either Lectro wideband a-1 or the 941 SRC block reblock 2 smqvs to 941 (if possible) may be a viable upgrade? Any thoughts from the collective brain trust?
  12. Thank you gentleman for putting it in perspective! Plus side for 125$ flat fee SD will provide a loaner and I can, upon receiving loaner , send mixer in for repair!! No need for a shave and haircut here yet!!
  13. I have purchased a pre owned 302 ( from this site) and had it sent to SD for a going over and it has been flawless since 2011, I purchased a new 633 in 2014 and it has been flawless, but I wonder if I should send home for a look through? What are others here doing in that regard?
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