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    Noise Assist

    I have listened to SDs' noise assist demos, sounds insane. At those prices who uses it?
  2. I think a habit, I know tc slate was the standard for accurate TC, but software and auto sync is the realm of sync boxes.
  3. I have a dumb slate presently and use with Tentacle sync system. Recent client asked why I didn't have a complete system...TC slate and TC camera mount boxes? I said this has worked thus far but will look into this! Can I incorporate a TC smart slate with my present tentacle system or do I have to go complete new with one manufacturer? Thoughts ...advice...suggestions?
  4. I saw this on the homepage? New Next-Generation Receivers Provide the Highest Level of RF and Audio Performance Available with Versatile Feature Sets for Field and Location Production Rio Rancho, NM (April 20, 2022) – Lectrosonics is pleased to announce the introduction of the DSR and DSR5P dual-channel and DSR4 quad-channel digital slot receivers. The new receivers are compatible with all the current Lectrosonics mono and stereo digital transmitters and are backward compatible with any of the Digital Hybrid Wireless® transmitters made in the past 20 years. The DSR and DSR5P receivers provide two independent receiver channels and the DSR4 provides four independent receiver channels at the highest level of RF and audio performance available, with versatile feature sets and next-generation capabilities in the Unislot/Superslot form factor for ENG (Electronic News Gathering), field, and location production. Both receivers are offered in several tuning ranges including A1B1 (470-614 MHz), B1C1 (537-692 MHz), 941 (941-960 MHz for use in North America) and 961 (961-1,015 MHz for use in the UK). Settings can be made from the front panels which feature high-resolution displays, making the units ideal for use in portable bag systems, mounted in or on cameras, and on sound carts. An RF spectrum analyzer and SmartTune are built into the receivers to alleviate interference problems in an increasingly congested RF spectrum. (Lectrosonics SmartTune is the easiest and fastest way to scan the local RF spectrum and find clear operating frequencies.) 2-way IR sync makes it quick to set up matching transmitters. The new receivers include a USB jack and data connection through the SuperSlot interface for compatibility with Lectrosonics Wireless Designer frequency coordination and system management software. The RF gain stages in the front end of the DSR and DSR4 use a newly developed design to provide low noise RF amplification, excellent sensitivity and extremely low susceptibility to intermodulation and de-sensitization with an IP3 (3rd Order Intercept point) of an exceptional +15 dBm (DSR4) and +11 dBm (DSR, DSR5P). The DSR and DSR5P dual-channel units are exactly the same size and with the same screw mounting holes and rear connector as all Lectrosonics SR series predecessors, so that existing accessories for powering, audio outputs, and slot mounting are all compatible, including the SREXT, SRSUPER, SRSNY, and SRBATTSLED units. The DSR4 is slightly longer than the older units in order to accommodate larger circuit boards. As the unit has four audio outputs, the legacy accessories can’t be used with the 4-channel unit. Thus, new accessories for mounting, powering, and audio outputs will be available. Both receivers incorporate powerful AES 256-CTR mode encryption, with four different encryption key policies available including Universal, Shared (great for sports coverage), Standard, and Volatile (one-time use key). “These new receivers represent the state of the art in portable RF performance and are the result of 5 generations of SR Series slot receivers” says Karl Winkler, vice president of sales & marketing at Lectrosonics. “Since 2007, the SR Series has been one of our most popular product lines, having revolutionizing field production. Now, with both 2- and 4-channel digital slot receivers, the SR Series again represents the next generation.” The DSR and DSR4 will be available worldwide from Lectrosonics Authorized UHF dealers starting in Q3, 2022. For pricing, please contact your authorized Lectrosonics dealer. Visit Lectrosonics at NAB 2022 Booth #C6518 to see the new DSR and DSR4, as well as the full line of Lectrosonics products.
  5. I presently have an SRC block 941 and a pair of SMQVs', can I just order 2 new SMQvs' and pre order DSR4 ( try to sell the 941 SRC) and be set with 4 channels in the bag?
  6. IMHO.. I've been using the MKH 50 for the past 11 years, never had an issue!
  7. I presently running an SRC 941 and been loving it, considering 2nd SRC same block. Are there any potential issues that I should consider? OR....would a Wideband A1 or B1 be a better option? I also run the dcht/dchr combo in A1 for a camera hop, also use a block 19 smv in IFB mode to feed my IFBue setup! I look forward to your thoughts and opinions. Thanks
  8. I was recently in Gilbert AZ for a gig and had to use a fourth wireless, so I grabbed my block 19 411and started a scan and it was all blocked up! I turned everything off , cleared the 411 and re scan, same result. I did the zoom and found one tiny sliver and lived there for the next 3 days no issue! Anyone ever have an issue in this part of Arizona...we were in and around a newly constructed warehouse that is completely empty, basically in the middle of nowhere!
  9. Has anyone here tried this lashup? What are your thoughts... and if you roll like this what is the sound quality?
  10. Hello JW gents and ladies, I am presently using the SR slide in box to attach my DCHR to cameras, it has some part that never quite come completely tight, what are you all doing in this regard?
  11. jwill

    VHF 174-215

    Hello and Happy Holidays Anyone using VHF block in the 174-215 range? What are your experiences and thoughts?
  12. Hello Ed, if I hook up my SMQV block 19 as a single channel hop and my 411...I can dial it right in! Same with my Blk 940 SMQVs and SRC!
  13. I have had this full spectrum combo for a little over 8 months now, each time I use as a hop it seems to "dial in" differently. Cant seem to find the sweet spot, I deliver signal to DCHT line level +23 linked... DCHR gain+5, ( borrowed FS7) pots @ 9 to make -20 in camera meters. I have done DCHT +29 line level, DCHR gain +0, FS7 pots @ 8 to make -20. Any words of wisdom from the community?
  14. Covid and its variants are still out there! I was recently on a studio shoot, 17 crew all PCR tested, one crew didn't get results from PCR so production let him do regular rapid, which was negative....guess what....his PCR results came back after the wrap......POSITIVE( and he Puffed a vape cig during production) 10 fully vaxxed, 7 not they..... all got the covid!
  15. Correction off day .......so I sorted the gear, I was not in stereo mode on the DCHR and gain structure wasn't optimal! Went into ch 2 with Mic/PH on 633, not my normal line level and gain on tx was at 17, 30 for the smqvs!
  16. No, DCHT/DCHR were fine until the Dugan auto mix closed , it never re opened.....until I shut down and restarted DCHR/DCHT and removed Ch2 ( the DCHR) from Dugan auto mix.
  17. I was on a gig and 3 talking heads became 4. Its a 3 camera shoot and Ive only an SRC blk 940 and 2 smqvs and a UCR 411 blk 19 and smqv. I was looking at a hard wired ECM 77 couldn't get wire to not show on super wide lockdown shot. So I remembered I have my hop DCHT/DCHR....I will just turn it around and use one mic into the splitter cable and VOILA.... I have 4 wireless. I was using the Dugan auto mix feature, had all 4 selected and as soon as the dcht/dchr combo was closed it wouldn't open again!! Quick moment of panic, battery check, turn off and back on and its working, I ended up taking this DCHT/DCHR out of auto mix and all was fine. I am guessing that being there were two paths to chose from , auto mix couldn't figure which to re open?
  18. Has anyone jumped in with the newest Lectro offerings? Is the digital architecture noticeably better? I see you can potentially have software upgrades done without sending units in. What are the other plusses in your opinion? Negatives?
  19. Of course!! Thanks for the quick reply and link!
  20. I currently have the DCHT/DCHR combo and use them as a camera hop. I have an upcoming shoot and an additional wire is needed. I thought of the DCHT/DCHR combo but realize it isn't ta5 in. What have you done cable wise to make it a talent lav? Re solder a ta6 onto an existing law, have a ta6 to ta5 wye so 2 lavs can be sent to the DCHT? Any ideas/ insights are welcomed! Thanks
  21. While recording can I send audio via my mixer to/thru my I Phone XR so someone can listen remotely?
  22. no no, 2 friends were in clinical trial, one received placebo and became infected well after trial ,,, the other said he had chills, fever etc after second dose and at some point I assume they were notified1
  23. Martin, Were you in a clinical trial with Pfizer/Moderna? I had a couple of friends get into the trials, ONE got the vaccine the other the placebo, One got covid pretty bad (placebo) .... now has to wait 90 days from when she finally tests negative!
  24. Inspired Energy! 98 W , 2 days powering 633, 48 v to shotgun and SRC and Hop!!
  25. I currently utilize Sanken Cos 11s, Countryman B6 and Tram Tr 50s. If I'm not hiding the mic I like the TR50s, hiding the Cos 11/ B6. I have had more than a few caps get buggered in both Sanken and Countryman, I'm looking for a more robust mic...is the DPA 4061 that mic? Nearly 2x the cost of a Cos11? Your thoughts/opinions?
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