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  1. I've been reading A LOT of stuff on the forums lately about antenna's and RF. I'm looking to buy something for my bag to increase the range of at least one mic - not sure if I want to install a distribution system to feed all 5 of my receivers. I read up on the antenna tests that were in the 695 magazine a couple years back, where they seemed to find that mixing antenna types for lectrosonics gear was not a good idea, because lectro's add the signal from the antennas together, instead of picking one or the other. I want the range that a batwing antenna would give me but I'd prefer to carry one instead of two in my bag (reality style over the shoulder trying to keep the weight down). My question is this, and Larry, you're probably the best person to answer this if you're out there: Which would give the best range performance and reliability (no drop-outs) in a lectrosonics 411 receiver - a whip antenna on one antenna connector with a batwing on the other (say an ALP 620), or just the batwing, leaving the second antenna connector open? I saw something in a Lectro faq about an antenna connector being a terrible thing to waste, but I haven't really seen anything about what effects leaving that second connector open has? Would the receiver still use the non-existant signal from the open connector and add that in, or would it disregard that input? Thanks!
  2. New version is awesome!! Thanks for your hard work James!
  3. Thanks for the update James!! I know we all really appreciate your hard work.
  4. Hi James! I absolutely love your app, it is one of the greatest things my iphone does. You truly are a great and kind wizard. I just spent the last 30 minutes reading this entire thread, and the tv add-on is hyped continuously throughout. I can't stop drooling thinking about being able to enter zip codes for future locations, and having tv signal strengths for that region in all the blocks just pop up like magic... So, just wondering - how's it coming along? Thanks! -Byron
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