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  1. Director must have seen 'The Conversation' with Gene Hackman The picture is of a microphone - not a rifle.
  2. OT: have you watched 'The Brave One' with Jodie Foster in it - she runs around with her SD 7 series recorder in a medium sized Porta-Brace bag that doubles as a courier bag : which bag model was it ? http://www.jodiefost...-the-brave-one/
  3. How about in-ear earbuds under the peltors. The old Shure E2 line was great with the foam inserts - the newer versions seem to have a fix for the wire breakage issue. They claim 37dB isolation ; add that to the 25dB of the earmuffs and you may just save your hearing. http://www.shure.com/americas/products/earphones-headphones/se-models/se315-sound-isolating-earphones
  4. If you want to do things incrementally: 2x 702 cost $300 less than 1x 744T 1x702 +1x702T costs $300 more than a 744T. The advantage of 2 x702s is you have 4x mic preamps and a fully redundant system in case of failure. The two recorders can be sync'd to start together and to use the same sample clock.
  5. Thanks - Let's hope the capsule designer has nothing else on his plate.
  6. Or the year after .... I think I will buy the New sony ECM-MS2 to play with while I wait. http://www.sony.co.uk/res/attachment/file/08/1237485100408.pdf
  7. Did anyone at NAB ask Sennheiser about the MKH 8030 figure-8 microphone ? Do they acknowledge demand for this mic ? I would quite like to make up a more compact MS pair, but the 8030 remains missing four years after the 8020, 8040 and 8050 launch.
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