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    Sound Artist / Radio Journalist. doing field recordings, making soundscapes, building installations

  1. oh, and I believe I should mention this: I'm based in Brussels, Belgium (Europe), and at the moment, we're hoping to get some European shows, so the transmitter / receivers should work on frequencies cleared for Europe
  2. Hi guys, I'm still quite new here, so if this question is in the wrong forum, just let me know and I'll try to move it. I'm a sound artist and unfortunately not a trained technician. For a new project I need to work with 6 wireless transmitter / reciever packs, walking around in the city. I've checked with the usual firm where I rent my super high end equipment, and they gave me an offer for 5 weeks rent of 6 Sennheiser SK5212-II + EK3241. I have worked with those once before and they worked beautifully. However, our budget is limited, and we were wondering if it wouldn't be cheaper to buy the transmitter/recievers (especially in the long run, with doing at least 10 shows with this piece). Buying 6 of the Sennheiser ones is out of the question, that's way beyond our budget. So here's my question: does anyone know of some wireless packs that are good, can attach to DPA 4060's and are in the price range of 500 - 750 euro per pack. and where you can use 6 of them at the same time, and are at the same time not too prone to RF interference (we will be walking around in the city, so in the midst of telefone, wifi, electrical fields and radio signals i've heard sony made some decent ones that were in this price range, but unfortunately I don't know make and model. If you could help me out, and suggest some brands and models I could check out, I'd be very grateful. Kind regards Stijn
  3. Hi Dan, thanks for your nice words about my work. Unfortunately, I can't do anything with a scanned letter because I need the letter itself. Part of the installation is the tactile bond that is created through the letter. Two different people touching the same piece of paper. Don't worry, you have plenty of time to send the letter, the exhibition is only in a month. And even if it were to reach me after that, no problem, I'll just include it in my next exhibtion!. I also love getting letters from all over the world. Thinking about doing something with the enveloppes as well. Don't worry about writing your memories down, i'm not asking for noble prize winning prose, just for honest memories. Part of the installation is that people - both contributors and visitors - have to relay in part on their immagination to crecreate the sounds in their heads. I agree that it is annoying that the sound cuts out when you hover over another link on the website. Me and the webpeople are working on a new site, but we're looking for a moment to get together, and since I wanted the call to go out as soon as possible, I didn't want to wait for the new website. Maybe a more practical way of listening to the works online is through my soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/stijn-demeulenaere And yes, talking about sound is a challenge. Like there is no auditory equivalent for 'visualize' (maybe we should just start using audiolize'), there is no audio equivalent for imagination as well!. Though, through my radio heritage, for me sounds work as images as well. looking forward to your contribution, thanks Stijn
  4. Dear people, I've been a member of this forum for a short while now, and all the info in these threads has been very helpful. And now I would like to ask you something. I post it here because I know you are people with attentive ears, a fascination for sound and probably some interesting stories to tell. My installation Soundtracks will be shown at Den Frie in Copenhagen in june, and I would like to ask you for a contribution. The idea behind soundtracks is to build an archive of memories of sound. Memories of sounds that were important to someone, that struck them or stayed with them. Soundtracks wants to research which kind of sounds get remembered, and how they are remembered. Can we hear those sounds again in our heads, or can we only remember the circumstances of the situation; the outlines, the edges of the sound? And that’s why I would like to ask you to take a moment and try to find your memory of a sound, a sound that was important to you. And I would want to ask you to write down your memory, on paper. And if you could send that memoy by post/snailmail to this address: SNYK c/o Kristine Bakken (Soundtracks) Graabrødretorv 16, st. th. DK-1154 København K Denmark You can find some more info on Soundtracks on this URL: http://versonatura.org/stijn/soundtracks/ Thanks in advance in advance, Kind regards, Stijn Demeulenaere Ps: It’s important that the memories are hand written / hand made, so please, no emails or typed letters. Apart from that, you can write in any language you prefer.
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