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  1. Hi, One thing i have done with ok success is this: I've got some padded moleskin...I bought it from the U.S so you guys over there should be able to get it, I cut out a shape...what ever you desire...and make an incision down this 'pad'..not all the way through, just enough so you can lay the mic into it, mic head flush with the end of the cut. Then I put some normal moleskin over this cut to the same shape. This I stick wherever is best for the clothing/position. For ties, I cut a thin strip of moleskin and wrap it around mic head, away from the end of the capsule by about 4mm and then put double sided around this to stick it in place..the added thickness of the moleskin ring keeps the mic head away from the tie. Only good for indoors. When I have really struggled with 'stiff' shirts and suits etc, in the upside down 'V' at the front of a collar can be a real good spot....dbl sided tape around the head and sandwich it in there (exposed enough for clarity)...a piece of tape at the back under the collar and run it down the back to the Tx. It is far more affected by head turns unfortunately. For Tx's, an ankle strap with the mic wire run down the trouser leg completely hides it. Watch for puddles. I use cos-11s where I can, bring out the b6 if I need to. Rob.
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