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  1. The sad thing is a lot of Rado "opinions" he has are based on wrong information he has imagined himself and has been called out on before. I.e light wave Let's not forget he is sponsored by cinela so take everything he says with a pinch of salt. I have both Rycote and Cinela in my drama kit, great tools for different jobs.
  2. Think this will be my next setup for boom ops
  3. I use the Surface Go for my Oasis interface, if you have a big enough bag I'm sure the Go would be a good option as well.
  4. This nearly happened in 2018, India destroyed a satellite which could have set of a chain reaction of debris taking everything else with it.
  5. It's on the ofcom website, there is a fee calculator somewhere.
  6. WTF are you on about? Funny when I posted on this thread back in 2014 I didn't know how important helium was to the medical industry, after learning it's importance and difficulty in acquiring I have refused to buy balloons for parties ECT
  7. That would probably work as well Trey but I haven't tried it. The large soft circle does work well though
  8. I don't tell self shooters my skills and expertise that I have spent many years learning and perfecting so they can save a buck and get average results. It's just how I work
  9. If you do then you will understand why we don't like this kind of question or care to answer it.
  10. Ursa large soft circle with a rubber band, job done
  11. In 2009 the BBC and most other networks would never accept a documentary shot on a DSLR, granted I am not aware if they have changed that, but as I said I have never shot a broadcast doc on a DSLR.
  12. How low profile you taking about here? Cinela Cosi is good
  13. Why would Production pay for a wireless hop when a timecode box is cheaper? Can't say I have shot any docs on a DSLR, maybe I was lucky.
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