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  1. Thats cause you seem to like Prosumer products The HD in ZHD stands for high desinty as the modulation system allows more channel in that spectrum. I actially avoid compaines that market "HD" audio as its a gimmick to nab consumers who dont know any better. Saying that, said company hasnt actually mention the term high definition but think its easy to work out. Im from the UK and run full Zaxcom cause I respect the inovation they come up with, Its not just the record function though, its the remote control elemet of the whole system. I cant seem my work flow being anything else.
  2. Personally I don't trust anyone who believes in God ๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. This I have to say does really annoy me. I will never understand the the need to be a YouTube sound mixer you had done "10 feature films this year!" On your own with no crew...... And nobody has seen said films. When I started in this business I learned from some of the best in the business and quietly built my career. Then you see the YouTube lot who have never even been a trainiee offering their "professional advice" There is one in particular who is fairly well known who I had this misfortune of going to university with. we both graduated the same time I spent 2 years as a trainee he started making YouTube videos as a "sound mixer" Says it all really. Although he was found out as a fraud in the UK sadly some of our American bothers and sisters still think he is a worth while resource.
  4. As TV said. I have had to do it once, it's very simple just remember where the screws go on the nomad shell
  5. Yea some of my older ones the noise floor is a lot higher than my newer ones
  6. How old is it, they tend to degrade after 5 years.
  7. Why would you want to drink that shite. Stick to whisky
  8. The sad thing is a lot of Rado "opinions" he has are based on wrong information he has imagined himself and has been called out on before. I.e light wave Let's not forget he is sponsored by cinela so take everything he says with a pinch of salt. I have both Rycote and Cinela in my drama kit, great tools for different jobs.
  9. Think this will be my next setup for boom ops
  10. I use the Surface Go for my Oasis interface, if you have a big enough bag I'm sure the Go would be a good option as well.
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