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  1. Thanos snapped his fingers........... That's what happened
  2. Yea the tac!t just dosent work well enough, to much rf interference.
  3. Tell the editor the 90's called, it says hello
  4. To many issues with the Tac!t for it to be useful. Baseball is good but it won't get rid of the "woosh"
  5. I use the K-Art on my sound cart, amazing piece of kit.
  6. I prefer to look like a professional and know the exact terminology instead of an amateur but that's just me I guess 😉
  7. synchronized what with timecode? You are jamming a clock with TC, you haven't actually synced the clock.
  8. Love how long this conversation has gone on with people incorrectly using the word sync instead of timecode but there ya go 😉
  9. Uso is the best bag for buck in terms for f features as well. Gen lock is a must for me
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