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  1. Talked to Zaxcom's software engineer. This seems to be a unique problem. Sounds like it booted up at a different sample rate for that one take (it was powered down before and after take). I am going to use the reference file (when I receive it) to match length and send it back to my client. I was recommended to put a couple seconds of tone at the head of takes for a while to use as an internal reference if it happens again. Hopefully with my firmware update this won't happen again, if it does then it needs to be serviced. Thanks all for your input!
  2. great question, thought you might have had something there, but the length in both wave agent and the sound report is the same
  3. ok. I way over-estimated that. I knocked it down to 85% and it sounded right. Still don't have the ref track to compare. Not sure if my math is right but that could theoretically be caused by a 55.2k sample rate?
  4. Thanks Philip. I just loaded into wave agent. Everything looks fine. It is the expected TC, bit rate, sample rate. File length is more difficult because I do not remember exactly how long the interview was. I am audibly comparing it to other files and it definitely sounds like they are talking about 50% slower along with the typical under-modulated lower pitch quality. I did send a reference to camera (and am suggesting they use for this track). I am now asking them to upload me the reference track for comparison.
  5. I also posted this in the official zaxcom forum, but thought I would double my chances for a quick answer. I had a client call me today about a single one of my files (out of several) sounding slow. I was sure it was an import problem on their part, at worst a mirroring problem, but when I went back and listened to the original .marf file on the nomad it does sound as if it were stretched or slowed down. I have never experienced anything like this. I have had the nomad since it was first released and have been on version 7.27 for at least a few months with no problems. The file was 24bit 48k 23.98. No other files sound like this and no setting changes were made for that take. I need to know why this happened so I can prevent it and know if I can I save this file for my client. I will, of course, start by updating firmware. Any suggestions?
  6. Very helpful. I just ordered the sled which I didn't know existed, and I will be building a 4 pin xlr power cable as well. Thanks gentlemen.
  7. Hello friends, I have an SRB with all of the optional attachments, and I am about to build a d tap cable. Unfortunately, I am completely inexperienced with using a d tap to power anything. Does this connector exist on the camera or the battery? Should I expect that camera will be using d tap for something else and be prepared with some type of splitter? If it helps, I am preparing to connect to a Sony F5 which doesn't have the slot for an SRB. Related question: What if I am on a camera that has neither a slot nor a d tap option? Does anyone make an external power supply for the SRB to solve this?
  8. Thanks Guys, I do have a couple of other mics (cheapy's from when I was getting started) ntg2 and octava which I haven't used since I bought the CMIT. And my kmr81 which the CMIT beats every time. I think I will sell these others, get an extra CMIT for now, and look towards buying some options on the next project.
  9. Hey Guys, Newbie to the site. I have an upcoming project and am considering buying a 2nd Shoeps CMIT to use for when I need to fly two booms. I am thinking that between them I can handle any situation (except maybe some low hanging ceilings). My problem is that I am intimidated by the price in the face of all the other upgrades I will be doing for this project. I know I can spend less and buy a pair of 416's or CS3's to match each other for double booming situations but neither will ever match my CMIT which I use for just about everything else. Any suggestions?
  10. I hope they give it a brighter screen than the nomad, so far that is my only complaint with it.
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