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  1. Hey all, Apologies for resurrecting this old thread. I will be working with a HS-P82 one a three week shoot (with the fader pack) and I am trying to gather some info before-hand. It seems like a decent unit for the price but I am very sceptical about the limiters being post AD. Could users comment on them? All happy with the pres? That big display looks quite power hungry. Any comments on power consumption? Lastly, I am thinking about renting a unit for 2-3 days. Are any units been reported of having issues? Anything specific to look out for? Any help would be appreciated! Cheers in advance.
  2. "An expert is someone that has made every possible mistake in a very narrow field" Niels Bohr "We are remembered by the tracks we leave behind" The Native American tribe Dacota Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Just adding to this email to add that Channel 38 G3s had major issues in the Abruzzo area of Italy. Scanning new frequencies changed from part of a house to a different one! Very mountainous area as well. Would that fact play any specific role? I had a pair of the 120Mhz bandwith of the Audio Wireless radio systems as well. I had issues with them as well.
  4. Hey Peter I will be over there for a UK production, not at all involved with a German TV broadcaster or co-produced by a German company. Needless to say, I am more than happy to pay for the license (how much does it go for really?) but if I am not legally obliged then I cannot say I exactly mind that Do you yourself use radio mics around the 470-710 region? If so, is there a spectrum that you find using more often?
  5. Poor aliens!.... Don't get me wrong, the sound was great but the content shouldn't intrigue them, at least if they are of higher intelligence Sure, I understand this Pindrop. Still, I am just trying to find whether anyone had success with anything between channels 38 and 43.
  6. Has anyone successfully used channel 38 to 43 around the Frankfurt area in Germany? I am looking at what's what there now and according to Olle Sjostrom's "Ultimate Wireless Frequency List" chart and: Channel 38 is reserved for Astronomy but it seems that the two observatories stated in the IPS List (the Effelsberg Observatory - South west of Bonn and the Tremsdorf Observatory - at the south of Potsdam) are quite far off. I understand the 710-790Mhz is the way to go to Germany, but I am just double checking whether anyone has has any success with anything around Channels 38 to 43.
  7. Just to add to this list the fact that I used Channel 38 and 39 successfully in: Dubrovnik, Croatia The Algarve are, Portugal Umbria, Italy I can say that I had no problems whatsoever and loads of "clear" frequencies after scanning!
  8. Bril. Thanks Justin, makes perfect sense now.
  9. Hey all I need longer cables for my four G3 Rx units to replace the stock flimsy ones, plus it would be great if I got them to be longer in order to easily sit in the front side pouches of my petrol bag. Here is where I need some advice: The stock G3 mini jack to XLR cables are wired to mic level. I am using the G3s with a SD552, going to mic level and I never really had any problems. I am assuming that it is the same case with the transmitter inputs and can be wired to line. Would this be correct? If that would be the case, would there be any benefits it be any better if the new cabl
  10. Unfortunately not. I got the 600Mhz - 660Mhz ones. I'll be shooting there tomorrow so I will post the outcomes for "forum posterity". I am still using that PEGZ3 bag that I got from you about a year ago. Bad for the back but cracking piece of kit when you run and gunning and you need a lot in one place.
  11. Many thanks for the replies all. Of course you're absolutely right about the regional differences. I will be shooting in Umbria. It seems that Ch38 is locked for Astronomy on a 10-mile radius. But from a quick search there is not a lot of Astronomy going on around there. I will have a better look tomorrow morning. I have with me four Audio Wireless, 3 x Micron in Ch69 just in case everything else fails and a couple of G3 (which the go up to and almost to ch43).
  12. Has anyone had any recent radio mic experience in Italy? If so, did channel 38 bid well at all? Thanks!
  13. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone might have any urban New Delhi atmos? I am interested in high quality stereo recordings only, if the price is right. I am looking for side street (not at all traffic busy) morning, afternoon and night atmos. Some locals random chatter, street kids chatter would be a bonus. Message if you have something at hand. Thanks!
  14. Cheers for that Malcolm. I've been thinking about adding a couple more NP1s and I will definitely give these a try. Hawk-Woods is definitely a great port of contact.
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