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  1. The MMP-A threads would perhaps need a subtle brushing to clear any possible debris. I'd use a slight dab of ceramic thread/bike chain lubricant. Difficult to gauge when torque is critical- .2 Nm would be a good start. Otherwise, DPA are usually quite precise in threading. I'd contact DPA if nothing else.
  2. I'm aware of the Cantar's ability to handle the SuperCMIT. My system is completely DANTE based at the moment. One ethernet cable to the Cantaress, one to the wireless box. I'm curious about power consumption because my mind wishes for a dual channel transmitter in the 'before I retire' future that can handle the SuperCMIT voltage needs and not need a battery change for at least 3 hours. I can always will it into the sonic ether...
  3. As I own a Cantar X3, I'm interested in testing a Schoeps SuperCMIT via the AES inputs and weighing the benefits. I'm presently using the AES inputs for my A10 RX for wireless boom. I'm curious as to the viable use of a power hungry/ hardwire dual channel digital mic like a SuperCMIT. Has anyone been using digital mics on location?
  4. Congratulations Take! Looking forward to your offerings.
  5. Hi John, What firmware version turned out to be the successful one?
  6. My pleasure Rado, I understand how difficult it is for Sonosax owners to generally speak about issues with this well respected company yet its in the interest of quality control and improvement for the whole community. My comments are for betterment, not ridicule. R
  7. The good of this unit is the infallible preamps. Whisper to scream, it handles with grace. Sonosax was kind to replace my faulty unit after a year with a new one. (Still had the same issues...) The bad: 1. The most important factor in keeping clients and getting respect from post production houses: TIMECODE - metadata interpretation for 29 and 23 timecode rates with many post house's editing software when ingested. 2. Fussiness with CF cards 3. Failure of digital outs when in playback mode. 4. Sending my unit back to Switzerland several times for poor build: touchscreen initially froze often due to dust around the seal which confused the interactive surface, faulty connection for ch 7/8 through the return input, internal battery too small for rechargeable battery length). 5. And lastly, an AES Out diagram is missing in the SX62R online manual and I was instructed to take the diagram from the SX-ES64 desktop mixer diagram. The online manual has yet to be corrected. I'm disappointed due to the lack of resolution on critical issues which I've experienced over the past two years. Although Sonosax's recent offering are beautiful and enticing, I wouldn't trust them until they fix the critical timecode issue for NTSC clients. PAL and 24 are stable. I've attempted to assist Sonosax in troubleshooting the issue but I'm not a programmer of iXML metadata. I simply know that the timecode clock IS accurate when feeding/sending. The issue is how it is stamped on the internal audio files and, when sent out, interpreted by various editing software. Sonosax swears that the issue lies in software bugs (Wave Agent, Media Composer 7) but I've never had TC issues with Sound Devices, Nagra, Fostex, Zaxcom, Tentacle Sync or Ambient products. Sonosax is wonderful in the analog world yet has to mature in the digital/timecode/UI department. I'm still awaiting a long overdue firmware update (2 years). I have been on the fence with my SX62R for over a year. I own an SX-S10 and love it - no issues. Unfortunately, these may be my last Sonosax purchases if client needs aren't met and respected. R
  8. I've owned my SX62R for two years and have experienced the good/bad/ugly of this unit with respect to firmware issues/hardware issues/customer service issues. I would like to share my unresolved queries and ask for feedback and additional comments to provide momentum which could be carried to Switzerland as an expedience maker of resolutions. When I contacted Pierre at Sonosax in November, he was gracious yet feedback is limited & answers were unclear. As for example, I've given my feedback about issues with limited capabilities of metadata handling (i.e. folder naming limited to 8 characters) as compared to Sound Devices/Zaxcom and assured that solutions would be worked and he'd get back to me in January (4 months ago). I've emailed him several times without reply. Timecode still drifts following a firmware upgrade. Audio cuts out of digital outs when editing playback metadata which requires repowering of unit (very irritating when working on-the-fly) That was 6 months ago. I'm not impressed and would appreciate support to encourage improvement to customer service. Any thoughts? Onward, Roderick
  9. Definitely not a pioneer. Simply integrating the ideal compact bag solution. I spoke with Pierre at Sonosax and found a temporary solution with the touchscreen by swabbing alcohol around the edges and pressured air to clear the grit and restore functionality. The metadata/Digital Out bug is seemingly a firmware issue that Pierre will assuredly work on with the developer to find a solution by year's end. Then I'll see if it's worth keeping or progress to the future Cantar X3. Time will tell.
  10. Initially, I felt the issues I had experienced when first acquiring my unit were simple to resolve through firmware updates. In the past year, my SX62R has been returned to Sonosax several times at my expense. 1. Screen freeze ups which result in non-responsiveness to touch. 2. Digital Out from any viable connector (DIN/AUX/XLR) to Lectrosonic D4T- cuts out when entering metadata editing in between takes whereby necessitating manual removal of ext/int power components and reboot. The degradation continues until I can only power up to an inaccessible touchscreen. The only function available is the record switch. I've had to edit countless track's metadata with Wave Agent due to these severe limitations. My unit is being repaired at Sonosax and a new unit was sent over to me in the interim. It has developed the same issues over two months. It has been very disruptive to my workflow and client's confidence, in turn, mine. Has anyone else had these issues? Onward, Roderick
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