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  1. Excellent thread. I must make a point when down South to hit WH more often...
  2. My condolences Jeff. Your Dad was and is an inspiration to many.
  3. Excellent read, Bruce looks like a Zen Master in that one pic. Have been lucky enough to actually work with multitrack masters that he recorded for artists like Jackie Wilson, Barbara Acklin, and The Chi-Lites... just bring the faders up to unity and you were pretty much there. What a treat.
  4. Exciting info on these mics! Thanks to the community for spearheading the design.
  5. http://zaxcom.com/products/nomad-fp8/?utm_source=Zaxcom+Newsletter&utm_campaign=cae265ef63-Nomad_FP8_Fader_Panel_Available_Now_6_27_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ac10268843-cae265ef63-77779713
  6. Just got a QRX200 and TRXLA2.5 to add to my growing Zaxcom stable. Test-fitting in the Petrol 614 along with the RX900, QRX100Q and Nomad 10...
  7. Looking good. Might be the next piece of Zaxcom in my world domination kit! BTW just got in a QRX200 and TRXLA2 today...
  8. I have it, was up until 1:30AM messing with it. I'd love it if Eventide offered a similar deal with their other plugs, but I don't see that happening.
  9. Sad. Speaking of Sound One, had a chance to visit during an AES-NY section meeting a couple years back where Dominick Tavella was discussing and showing examples of mixing Ken Burns' documentaries. Nothing like being in a room seeing a 600 input Neve DFC with three Pro Tools systems linked to it driven by a master...
  10. Hmmm... good point Rado! I'll probably end up making one for QRX and another traditional XLR
  11. Nice job. I've got a QRX200 coming to join the QRX100Q, so time to consider moving their outputs to the DB15...
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