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  1. Just want to give a huge thanks to Brian McCarty for organizing a PHENOMENAL Sound For Picture track at the 135th AES Convention. I was privileged to attend sessions SP3 through SP7 along with all of the other sessions in other subjects I checked out... spent more time here than on the show floor(even though I made a point of visiting Gotham, Pro-Sound and Zaxcom) http://www.aes.org/events/135/soundforpicture/
  2. Saw a demo at AES with the sound dept. from Deadliest Catch showing how they use RX3 to solve some of the myriad programs they have to deal with with their production sound... I'm putting in my order this week!
  3. An industry titan has passed on. RIP.
  4. That waveform display looks rather Harrison MPC4-D/Trion/Air24/7-ish... http://www.harrisonconsoles.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=42&Itemid=53
  5. Which JuicedLink do you have? For my friend's purposes, looks like the RM333 Riggy Micro will work the best for him for certain situations. Was hoping for more robust TC functionality, but the fact that it has it at all...
  6. Just returned from vacation in New England and Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula and Quebec City. Cirqué Du Soleil does a nightly mind-blowing nightly performance down at the port. Here are a few pictures from one of the "skits"... I was wearing my "Sound People" T-shirt that night! :-) We were right in the middle of the action... shepherded about by crew members(with flashlights like those used to guide aircraft on the tarmac)to move out of the way of constantly-moving set pieces. After that performance we saw the last Image Mill exhibition that was a tribute to Canadian animator and film director Norman McLaren... also awesome.
  7. A colleague has one of these and while he knows better about doing double-system, he's still trying to figure a way to go for "no-budget" productions. BTW I'm still looking for more detail on the supposed timecode functionality on this thing...
  8. I still have a pair on the meter bridge at work next to my Tannoy NFM-8's. I give them the occasional goaround. And I couldn't resist grabbing a bunch of them recently being thrown out... if I could get that mythical $600/pr., would be sweet! :-)
  9. One of my favorite movies. RIP.
  10. My Part 74 issued yesterday, callsign WQRQ354. Much thanks again to Bill Ruck.
  11. Really saddened to hear it, esp. as a Jersey guy. One of my favorite Gandolfini films is "The Man Who Wasn't There". He was a great supporter of the Garden State Film Festival held in Asbury Park NJ where I live. Played a game on "The Sopranos" pin in his memory soon after hearing the news... RIP.
  12. That was one of the early "it" studios for me... RIP. Nice site about MCI history And a pic from that site of Mr. Emerman and Lutz Meyer:
  13. Sporting mine during the aftermath of recording an interview/performance with LA-based band He's My Brother She's My Sister:
  14. 6 Tram TR-50's that I mainly use in-studio, but bring at least 3 along when I go out. My Zax wireless also have TR-50's so no problem in the intercutting department. Did a location shoot last week with two wireless on main talent and added two hardwires for guests for one sit-down segment.
  15. A friend sent this my way a couple of days ago. Dug the production and how he made the song his own.
  16. So I have one of these cameras in my hands right now. Set up as per the instructions, which are rather skimpy on details relating to timecode. Connected my Nomad to the camera(BNC switchable between Genlock/TC In or TC Out) but no jamming to the Nomad TC or any indicator on the LCD to say that it is or isn't. I use this same cable to jam a C300 all the time. Verified Nomad TC by looping back to itself. Nomad receives TC from camera when camera set to Free Run and the TC terminal to Output. For the hell of it, fired up one of my TimeLine Lynx synchronizer modules and ran TC to the camera from my bantam patchbay via a custom XLR - BNC cable. Camera jammed to this code. Level-wise the two TC sources look to be the same, but for some reason the XF 105 will not read the Nomad's TC. So I took a listen to the TC from both generators. Even though the two were within a couple of dB levelwise, the Lynx TC sounded clean and sharp while the Nomad's TC out sounds compressed and not as "peaky" as the Lynx. If I really wanted to get nuts I'd get a scope out but I've got other stuff to do today. The Lynx does read the Nomad's TC though. Final thing was to listen to the XF 105's TC... not as crisp as the Lynx but better than the Nomad. Looks like something else to have checked when I send Nomad in for the bright screen mod. Looks like these cams will most likely be getting scratch track tomorrow... Edit... guess for this shoot I'll dedicate a camera as TC master and jam everything to that, including Nomad.
  17. Was in the closet looking for a headstack for an old Ampex deck and this was on the back of the shelf... a little walk back in time: The 10.5" reel attachment: Varispeed controller: Power Supply: Beyer DT45 headphones: Stellavox mounted to the reel adapter from the top:
  18. How'd your shoot go with this camera? I have one looming with three next week.
  19. I've got a pair of those in 16GB that I use to keep my installers for Mac OS X 10.5 through 10.8(each partitioned into 8GB portions). The lanyards that they come with are a must...
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