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  1. Just paid my fee and got in the queue. Much thanks to Bill, nice to see you here!
  2. Happy Birthday Jeff. This is a great thing you've put together here.
  3. I'm going for it... just got a reply from Bill Ruck.
  4. I meant in terms of availability of I/O, unless the CPTK removes the 32 In/Out limitation with third-party hardware. And come to think of it, I probably should upgrade both licenses to CPTK as I know how options "disappear" with Avid.
  5. Though I've dabbled in Pro Tools since it was Sound Designer then Sound Tools, I didn't jump into it until 9, which finally allowed third-party hardware albeit in a limited state. I went to 10 and will most likely get the CPTK and then stay there for some time. Too much stuff to replace if you even can.
  6. Just repurposed an old duplex cable that we used to use with a Sony VO-4800 portable(luggable) 3/4" deck to use with the Nomad. Monitoring will be with a Shure FP-12 headphone bridging amplifier. Hope to go TRX942 down the road.
  7. It's sounding better and better... wish I was going! Have to plan out a trip next year, I guess!
  8. A true master of the craft. Rest In Peace
  9. Thanks Jan for posting, very powerful, that chair.
  10. Great point. Makes me think of that statement about how cam dept. would freak if the recorder had flashing lights on it, the equivalent to the fan ramp-up would be the light getting steadily brighter as a take went on. BTW here's an application where Epic's fan noise WON'T be an issue:
  11. Count another 5.11 satisfied customer here, been using it for a couple of weeks. Just put 5.12 on to test but 5.11 will be the fallback. Using the same CF cards as the OP. Nomad 10.
  12. Good thread. I am in the market as my Radio Shack 22-810 mysteriously died after lending it. I've got a Fluke 99B but that's way overkill for most stuff(not to mention BIG)... so thanks for all of the suggestions.
  13. Pinball. Within walking distance of my home: http://silverballmuseum.com/
  14. In the market for an SCX1-HC(actually a pair with all of the capsules) but I would LOVE to find a CK3 hyper capsule for my trusty C451's.
  15. That's HOT!!! Great work Pascal!
  16. Nice job. Also appreciated the short history lesson. Ken
  17. Just got it last weekend with some App Store credit I got at Christmas. Looking forward to having a go with it.
  18. Wish I was coming out there... and if that restaurant is the same place I went when in Vegas a few years back, I REALLY wish I was going.
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