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  1. Will it be just a recorder or you could output a TC like a normal Tentacle ?
  2. There is a Wifi antenna on the right side ...
  3. I hope the connector of the panel will be a 90 degree connector, to act as a strain relief as well as being compact for bag use.
  4. and do you have a closer idea to the final price ?
  5. can we get a little pic of the "beast" Glenn ?
  6. can we get pictures ? just to dream a little ?
  7. i know it's still early in the development, but any news you can give us zaxcom ?
  8. Is it possible to list the material you re using and where to find them ? i have dreamed of this cart for many months now. But i'm really bad at making stuff ... Thanks
  9. I never tried this, but look great http://www.columbia.com/Electric/footwear-men-electric,default,sc.html
  10. Love this cable, is this long enough between the Xlr and the BNC ? how much did it cost you ? i would love one like this
  11. We should start a new topic Called Future of nomad home screen and post our wishes and some photoshoped picture, maybe howy will be glad to give us what we want if he can clearly see what we talk about ! I'm for the custom home page, one for double system only would be great as i'm doing a lot of it, like 85% of the time !
  12. i would love to be able to choose wich home screen i want and to deactivate the others !!
  13. sorry, i thought it wasn't compatible at all !! my bad !
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