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  1. sounddguy

    Effect of new tax bill on freelance soundies?

    One good improvement: Denial of deduction for settlements subject to nondisclosure agreements paid in connection with sexual harassment or sexual abuse Reasons for Change The Committee believes that taxpayers should not be able to deduct as normal business expenses settlement payments subject to nondisclosure agreements that relate to sexual harassment or sexual abuse
  2. sounddguy

    Not a political thread: what mic is being used here?

    During the Carter era it was three SM 57s provided by the White House AV team. One to house, one to the press feed box and one to the official White House recording package. As house mixer I had my direct line, a line back from the press mult box and a line from the official recorder guy. If I remember correctly there were only a few of the three mic holders that were made for the White House. The most fun is watching the White House seal go on and be pulled from the Goose. It travels much like the football.
  3. sounddguy

    high voltage power line issues?

    My wife felt queezy, like she was going to be sick. I think my reaction was just a little jittery.
  4. sounddguy

    high voltage power line issues?

    Jay, If you haven't already moved, spend several hours in that location to be certain that you don't react to the power lines. When my wife and I were shopping for a new home some years ago, we went to one that had the high tension lines running across the back fence line. After about 10 minutes on the property we looked at each other and said no. Not because of the house but because of reaction to the power lines. I once recorded a presentation of a Ph.D. about how different people are sensitive to different things. One patient was very ill because her bed was next to the breaker panel. Moving to another room cleared up all the issues. I found the power line issue interesting given how many radio transmitters I have worked around over the years. Good luck.
  5. sounddguy

    Oscar Sound Tech TL-40 Lav Pics & Sound Test

    Their white mic is so white it can all but hang out of a formal shirt.
  6. sounddguy

    Shure MX418DC Goosneck Popscreens

    At one point is used tooth picks, forming a cross. Helped with some but no others. Wish I could have been there when some kid took a bite out of the wind screen.
  7. sounddguy

    View From The Office:

    Yes + and Oscar lav tucked over her right ear. She was very soft voiced compared to the guitar. Just shows, be careful what you ask for. This client was great.
  8. sounddguy

    View From The Office:

    Supposed to be doing employee interviews when the GM says can you shoot a young lady that wrote a song about the dealership? Producer says how about in the back of a pick up truck. I add in, on bales of hay.
  9. sounddguy

    View From The Office:

    We had been swapping out cars out the window until this BG arrived.
  10. sounddguy

    View From The Office:

  11. sounddguy

    Not being able to reply

    Happy to report that mine is now working.
  12. sounddguy

    Sound Design Help

    When peeling an orange, save the white skin. Let it dry. manipulate. Also a Kleenex tissue held loose, then pulled taunt. Be mindful of plosives.
  13. sounddguy

    Not being able to reply

  14. sounddguy

    11 Facts about Waffle House

    The only thing bad is the new menu which shows how many calories each item has. Of course our waitress stressed that you can order the toast dry to save a few.
  15. sounddguy

    Happy Birthday Eric Toline

    What else can I say? Happy Birthday!