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  1. Hi, Thanks for the info. I read that the 3000 series technology, its HDX compander is 10years old. The only reason i was thinking about the 2000 series. i also read that the main difference between 2000 and other (cheaper g3) series is the output W possibilities. Or mW to be exact. Which brings me to my next set of thoughts... Instead of buying the transmitter with more than 30-50mW of output power, which is not even allowed in some countries. Wouldn't it be easer to have the receiver closer to the trans? Where possible? Like TV studio, or indoor Set? longer cable run for the Rx to the mixer?
  2. Hi, would really come in handy on my next shoot. Anything to worry about sung the transmitter on my boom? Anyone using the Senn skp2000. I heard the 3000 series uses the better hiDyn com pander, where 2000 used the same on as the g3 series, which leaves me thinking... Not a lot has been written about either, seems my other options is Lectro's HM? appreciate any info
  3. great response thanks so much, i am however limited to Eu makers, as some manufacturers (e.g.Loon) have difficulties responding in time. Or cooperating with exchange and repairs. A Uk dealer mentioned it, anyway.. I am still not decided is the internal cabling an option or not? with some lo price poles e.g. Rode the internal cabling was more of a nuisance than a problem solver?
  4. Hi guys, Salute from Europe, About to go on a project, i just realized i am short of some equipment. Also feel it is a great timing to get rid of my old boom pole and buy something solid. I have been checking the rycote ones, how come they don't make them longer than 3 metres? Ambient one would be my first choice, but am also looking for a nice backup shotgun and a wireless kit, so don't want to spend all my money at once:-)) Any favorites? Also, what is your opinion on internet cabling? i had a chance to use a rode boom pole with internal cabling, wasn't happy with the handling born noise..
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