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  1. I got my KE-89CC a year ago and recently it has started to rattle. I took it into the guys at location sound and they checked all the knuckles and said is wasn't the pole but the cable inside. There are no knots inside the cable I already checked. He said that when the pole was extended the internal cable was stretch so tight that is was acting like a guitar string and vibrating to make the metallic rattling sound. This sounds kinda ridiculous to me cause I know the cable is coated in a material that shouldn't make a metallic banging. It rattles even if I dont extend all the way on each section. Anybody have any suggestions or ideas? I know it isn't a top of the line pole but i'd like to know what kind of lifespan other k-tek users are getting out of their poles. Also they said it would $100 to recoiled it and I would probably have to do it every couple of years...
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