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  1. Olle - I'm in London, UK. Did you get the Einstok? Anchor Porter is close too. Brooklyn Mary's maple - gorgeous winter brew, hard to get though. Delirium Noel is the one though, if you're over here sometime, we'll go and grab one!
  2. I'll admit one of the links you showed me there must have passed me by - a handy thread too. Thanks Fablemeister
  3. Thanks for the informative responses guys. Those of you who have compared the two models have been a big help- which is precisely what I couldn't find by using the fabled search bar. Will probably go with TL-40s. Cheers.
  4. Looking at getting a couple of OST lavs. Can't decide which. Most of my work involves hidden mics. Who has experience using either/both models? Cheers
  5. I use an MK-012. I like it, but like others have said, they don't have tonnes of reach. Handling noise isn't all that bad in an Invision mount, never used it in anything else, but those rycote mounts are awesome anyway - well worth a shot. Ive also used the AKG Blueline hyper, and I did prefer it on some counts.
  6. I really love those DPA's. Then I am a big fan of the COS11's, been ages since I used the DPA's but I do think I'd have them over the Sankens. However, that is just me.
  7. Apparently one of the guys from Cooke has a broken S2 that he uses as a pen holder.
  8. Great to see this, I'm really big on my crazy world beers. Nils oscar ctrl alt del is great stuff, as is their God Lager. Strongly recommend Einstok porter as well. Awesome stuff. My all time favourite is Delirium Noel (Delirium Christmas). Just incredible.
  9. Did the usual "phones, please" thing and the DP relayed it to some other crew, and said about how phones ruin takes/distracting it is. Next take, a phone goes off. I had a bit of a whinge, as did the 1st, as did a few people........ The phone belonged to the DP. Forgot to put a battery in a radio once as well. Stupid mistake, luckily camera didnt do a great job so i went to "swap" the battery and all was sorted. Guess you learn by them
  10. I also use an HD-p2, but with an SQN 4S. I really like the setup. However, the gig I'm on at the moment demanded iso's, so they rented me a 788, pic attached. Really enjoying using it, but obviously a very different sound to what i'm used to. An SQN recorder would be a dream. Radios are Micron w/Sankens. Powered by an IDX NP1 with Hawkwoods Distro. Easily does a day's shooting.
  11. mjacomb

    Pictures of things

  12. I've heard "sound spud" - usually said too fast for anyone to notice we're talking about potatoes
  13. I am the lucky owner of an SQN "been everywhere, heard everything" t-shirt. Joseph Parys at SQN was nice enough to send me one.
  14. I use Pro Tools 10 and its solid. It's worth getting the keyboard stickers and making up your own "editors keys". An external firewire HD is a must - Pro Tools has never been solid on slow internal drives. Presonus faderport is very lovely too.
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