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  1. ok, its been a few years now... has this setup evolved at all, or is it still working well as it is/was?
  2. but thick leather like this can really absorb impact.
  3. is this still working nicely some years later? I'm interested in building a better battery setup now, like this. hope to glean some info off you fellas!
  4. where can I get extra caddies? I'll likely be needing a couple extras.
  5. is it possible to give an update of when we'll be able to place an order for one of these units? (or two).
  6. I spoke with him at length many times, and we met on here. such a nice man. I too have bought some things from him, and he did exactly the same for me as he did for you Simon. I got a box full of everything specifically related, plus more that he thought would be helpful, including some rather peculiar things I had to inquire about further. I'll never forget him.
  7. I never did see the pinout for the PHA48.. does anyone have that? it isnt in the MTP40S manual.
  8. I finally have come to this conversation. I've been using Wisycom MTP40S transmitters for the past few years and they have a wonderful limiter built in. I have rarely ever looked at engaging a limiter on my recorder, whether it's a 788 or 688 or 970 and enjoy a clean AES signal path all the way home.
  9. hey Timo, the video link isn't coming up. great idea!
  10. I'd be interested to peek, even for just that. there are probably others as well who would like to see.
  11. this reminds me; Richard, can you make a short video of using the web interface?
  12. does anyone know if they're going to look into making a unislot receiver mount, like an sl-6? I'm sure many would be interested to see something along those lines.
  13. the wisycom receivers can expand other sources (lectro, sennheiser, etc) but the wisy transmitters can't be expanded by anything but wisycom. I mean, not "properly", at least. they won't be ideal.
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