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    The mission was simple: move to the City of Angels and become part of the entertainment industry in the field of audio production. After leaving Texas and subsequently graduating from the Los Angeles Recording School in 2000, I’ve had the opportunity to work on various production projects. Few things are better than collaborating with a creative team from conception to completion. The best reward is seeing the final project seamlessly put together through collaboration and appreciated by the audience. My area of expertise is in production and post-production sound. I have knowledge in various audio hardware systems — Sound Devices, Mackie, Behringer, Tascam, Allen & Heath, Fostex — and software programs — Final Cut, Pro Tools, Soundtrack Pro, Adobe Audition. I also do post mixing work at my home recording studio. Please take a moment and review my past projects on my website under the 'Resume' tab and and my reels under the 'Audio Reel tab located at the top of the page. I look forward to collaborating with you in the near future!
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  1. It was a neumann condenser mic. Which didn't have good RF shielding so I had to walk the transmitter away but the only way to get rid of the initial buzz was to plug it into my DPA shotgun and then plug it into the condenser weird how that's how it worked. So just curious so I could educate myself why it worked when I plugged into the DPA first. 20200810_110836.mp4
  2. Does anyone have an answer to this question? I was trying to plug a condenser mic into it and a couple times transmitter would create this buzz noise and the only way to make it stop happening was by plugging it into a shotgun mic...
  3. GAGaudio


    It's a little thing but maybe its an oversite, I hope this comes with an option to put on hooks for bag use, that way we can secure it to the bag straps.
  4. Thanks for your kind words. yea after the current gig I'm doing. if the cleaning doesn't do it then I'll just have to send it in. Appreciate you guys.
  5. Ill give that a shot I dont remember reading that. Thanks.
  6. I guess I should take my zaxcom in to be looked at but I just don't like the idea of shipping my mixer back. So three years later ha since my last post and I still have a nomad that doesn't keep time and date. I've changed the battery and it still resets after every power down. I've just gotten into the habit of keeping the mixer on throughout the day and just powering down during lunch or long breaks. Anyways just venting it's annoying that I've had this issue since my purchase and nothing seems to fix it.
  7. No I don't need loops on the bottom because it has a built in waste band/strap. But is does have molle if you pefer to use the bottom part of your harness instead of built in straps. Those straps can be tucked into the bag their is a compartment to hid them if you dont use them. I know for the ktek harness you would have to have bottom loops but for the others you can just use the bag strap it acts as the bottom half of the harness. Which I like cause then I add side pouches to the mole for my transmitters (Picture below).
  8. Yes it has separate side bags but I cut the fabric dividing the main compartment to the side pocket. it was actually very easy and the stitching is done very well on the bag so you don't have to sew it after cutting it. It also has a lot of different pockets on the top so even though it's smaller I actually can store more things into this bag. and it has a built-in waste strap so all I needed from my harness is my shoulder strap so the bags fits firm against me. They have discontinued this bag so it's getting harder to find there are other brands But this is the original brand the other ones do not seem to be built as durable. https://www.amazon.com/Maxpedition-0403-Sabercat-Versipack-Khaki/dp/B001DRNHY0 Trying to post a photo of the side pocket but I keep getting a loading error I'll try later.
  9. Thought I would share my bag. Came across this tactical bag that is more compact & lighter then my ktek and fits my nomad perfectly. Very happy with this setup it's like having a porta brace/ktek hybrid Thought I would share my bag. Came across this tactical bag that is more compact & lighter then my ktek and fits my nomad perfectly. Very happy with this setup it's like having a porta brace/ktek hybrid
  10. How would you mount them? Do you have any pictures? So im looking into a good car mount low profile microphone. Lately I have been on shoots were we end up jumping in the car with talent and I am looking for a quick low profile solution. I know a few people are using the gooseneck DPA 4098. But what about these other models from DPA? The 4080 and 4099 they seem like good options as well. Has anyone used these and what are your thoughts? Thanks sound fam!
  11. I wish that this display would interchange with a slate then I would love this.
  12. How did you mount your dipoles? Can you show a picture inside the bag?
  13. Exactly why I'm trying to create a different bag I have the k-tek bag, but bought a used porta brace bag and it's so much lighter. You help motivate me with your one unit. The only issues with that porta brace is storing extra things.. So I just found a non audio bag that might work. Just need to sew some velcro straps but it might work.... here is the beginning stage. Really like the molle design of things. I ran across this bag while trying to find pouches for harness storage since my compact porta brace didn't have pockets... This bag is the best of both worlds.... (hopefully) Can't seem to post the photo on here I'll try again later.
  14. I just got my molle clips today working on my bag little by little. Dipoles should be in next week. Honestly what I ended up doing was adding velctro to my receivers onto the nomad. Works perfectly didn't have to spend more money on brackets and no added weight!
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