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  1. berniebeaudry

    Camera Hops

    They make a two channel receiver as well.
  2. berniebeaudry

    Border Microphone / Bodge job

    If you have Tram style lav mics they make a holder that lets you use the mic as a boundary mic. Its a very small footprint and you can tape them directly to the table. I've used them this way without a Dugan mixer and they sounded pretty good. I would use three for five people. Here's a link to show what I'm talking about: https://www.trammicrophones.com/sale/detail.asp?partno=TR-BBLTD
  3. berniebeaudry

    DIY Dipole antenna!

    Does the coat hanger have to be rusty?
  4. berniebeaudry

    Alexa Mini audio menu

    Hi Bob, I just looked at the manual for the mini and as you mentioned there is no mention of summing channel one to both channels. I'm guessing something was mis wired especially if your experience was different with the next mini. I've seen other cameras that do have that feature. Its usually when they just have one source for audio and want it on both channels. The second channel can then be set lower for safety. As part of my camera set up routine I always confirm that one is going to one and two is going to two discretely. If I skip that step then Murphey's law will surely be invoked. BB
  5. berniebeaudry

    RF issues with RF multi + SNA600

    I have a similar set up and it has helped my reception. Nomad 10, PSC Rf multi, two SNA600, four LR receivers with battery replacers powered by common battery. I don't have the unused SNA connectors terminated. The unit lives in the bottom of my bag.
  6. berniebeaudry

    Audix SCX1 Repair

    Or put them in a closed container with a fresh desiccant pack or a pack for drying up humid spaces usually used in basementsl
  7. berniebeaudry

    LT/LR vs SRc

    As an owner of four LT/LRs which I use in the bag, I would say go for the SRC. It would get really messy mounting two LRs in addition to all the other gear you have mounted. Even with the battery sled you'll appreciate the simplicity of just mounting one device. As for range you're not likely to be to far away from your subjects since you're shooting them as well. There shouldn't be much difference between the SRC and the stand alone receivers.
  8. berniebeaudry

    Zynaptiq plug ins

    I'm curious how many here are using the Zynaptiq plug ins? Specifically Unveil, Unfilter, and UnChirp. I've downloaded the trials and really didn't have as much success as I would have liked using these tools. I'm not blaming the software, its likely me not understanding exactly what I should be doing. I'm an Isotope 6 user and I'm fairly good at figuring things out. I searched and found an early thread with Jay Rose and one of the co founders of Zynaptiq which was useful. Jay's first reaction was about the same as mine I think. If anyone here has experience with these three plugins could you tell me how you learned them and if they're working well in your work flow.
  9. berniebeaudry

    Zynaptiq plug ins

    Thanks all for the helpful comments. I appreciate your taking the time!
  10. berniebeaudry

    John Blankenship is officially a year older today

    I'll add another Happy Birthday greeting although I already sent one via Face Book. Hope to get to see you this year during football season!
  11. berniebeaudry

    Zynaptiq plug ins

    Thanks Philip, I think its good to have options. I've had the most success with Acon Digitals Deverberate. I haven't done so well with Izotope's De-reverb unless its just slight room reflections. I'm looking on the Zynaptiq website and I can't seem to find any manuals unless you only get them when you download the plug ins. I wish Zynaptiq had some video tutorials showing exactly how these plug ins work so we can get the most out of them. I'd be very likely to purchase if I could get better than just marginal results.
  12. berniebeaudry

    Sennheiser MKH-416T hiss

    I don't know that T Powered mics can be more troublesome but they would indeed be much older since its been a long time since they've been manufactured. At least that's what I surmise. What mixer/recorder are you using this mic with just out of curiosity?.
  13. berniebeaudry

    Sennheiser MKH-416T hiss

    You could send it to Pete Verrando and get it modded to 48 volts. He could also tell you if the mic is up to spec. I had an older Schoeps T power mic done by him and it's the best money I ever spent.
  14. I've done a number of streaming shows for hospitals and doctors. One was a live operation using the minimal invasive robot surgery interface to do a prostrate operation. As Philip pointed out to do a pro show you need pro crew and gear. We did it with a fly pack control room and had audio, director, video engineer, and camera. We also had live interaction with the internet audience via email and phone, and VOIP. It was like any other show except instead of going out on a satellite link etc., it went to the web. The streaming potion was handled by an independent company that had a rack full of gear to make sure it went out. BB
  15. berniebeaudry

    Unusual lav hiding gear

    I've been looking at those. Is there adhesive on it already? Nothing really sticks well to silicone. Thanks for the comprehensive look at these! Bernie
  16. berniebeaudry

    Advice for a novice

    I was thinking that I don't get a chance to use a 416 much and when I have its sound is so different from my CMIT-5U and not in a good way to my ear. Given that, I've never had the desire to own one as a back up. Then it occurred to me that I use a 416s a lot when working on television trucks. I also do sports A2 work and the 416 is used extensively in that context. For mics on hand held cameras, for crowd sounds, for spot effects (MMA fighting, boxing, baseball, football, soccer etc.). Every truck has at least six 416s on board. Some of them look pretty rough from years on the road but they keep on working. So given this discussion, I'm beginning to feel tempted to get a good used one as a back up.
  17. berniebeaudry

    Plug for Reaper

    Sonic Solutions DAW had the ability to have more than one time line open way back. That's a very useful feature that I had taken for granted then.
  18. berniebeaudry

    Plug for Reaper

    That's a good consideration as well. I just now took a closer look at the Soundcraft Ui24R, and it fits somewhere in between your QSC Touch mix and the Signature series. Good choices for sure!
  19. berniebeaudry

    Plug for Reaper

    I appreciate the input Phillip! I'm not sure how much of this type of work I'll get going forward thus the need for keeping the cost low. I definitely don't need too sophisticated a system for these quick music records that will be primarily tracking without effects on any kind.
  20. berniebeaudry

    Plug for Reaper

    Hello Phillip, Good to hear that Reaper is working well for you! I know you do a lot of music records and I need some advice. I recorded a jazz combo for a documentary the other day and I used my Nomad 10. I didn't have cabling for inputs nine and ten so I was limited to 8 tracks. I used my SD 302 to mix three horns to inputs 7 and 8. I was feeding two cameras and we had to kluge a monitor for the vocalist. It was way more complicated than it could have been and I've been considering investing in some gear to make it easier to do these type of sessions. I'm looking at this board: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Sig22MT--soundcraft-signature-22-mtk-mixer-and-audio-interface-with-effects?mrkgcl=28&mrkgadid=1669547280&rkg_id=0&campaigntype=dsa&campaign=aaDSA&adgroup=1669547280:DSA - Product - Mixers&placement=google&adpos=1t1&creative=248832405304&device=c&matchtype=b&network=g&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9LPYBRDSARIsAHL7J5luEjBn7OwLUmwVmyj-YdQeIZBXZ1ROmwOgdJ9ytZD9gQ7sQl_SeEsaAh_VEALw_wcB It comes with recording software but I'm certain it would play well with Reaper too. The price point is attractive and the quality seems decent. I'm really open to other ideas as well. I'd like at least 12 mic preamps. Your thoughts? Bernie
  21. Those look really nice! I don't use a Pelican around town, but could use an upgrade to my $8.00 plastic bins. Thanks for sharing! BB
  22. berniebeaudry

    Best small format recorders for planting

    Hi Alek, Good to see you on here my friend! I have two PDRs if you want to borrow one and check it out. I just got them a few months ago and haven't used them yet. BB
  23. berniebeaudry

    How to fix a audio track after the shoot?

    And I just did a quick test and wasn't able to do much at all with the audio. I tried the tool for clipping and it did almost nothing to improve things. I tried some other tools too with no success. Zooming into the wave form the I can see the distortion on the peaks of the wave form. They aren't just squared off, they angle down with a dip so they look almost like two peaks. Its not salvageable I'm afraid. At least not with these tools.
  24. berniebeaudry

    How to fix a audio track after the shoot?

    I use Izotope a lot and have the latest version. I'm sorry but as others have said there isn't a lot that can be done with this. It can be made less painful to listen to but I doubt your client will ever be satisfied. As others have pointed out you need to find an alternate recording if one exists.
  25. berniebeaudry


    Happy Birthday Jeff! This site and your friendship mean so very much to me!