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  1. If you put a sound file into Izotope RX, the spectral view can really show you what's going on with frequencies. If you wanted to send me a file that has muffled audio, I could load it in and see what's there and what's not there. It would be a fun informative exercise.
  2. I have a copy of Producing Great Sound for Digital Video, second edition. It comes with a CD. The CD has tutorial tracks, diagnostics, and demonstrations. Would this be an updated version of what you have?
  3. That looked promising but looking at the reviews it was mentioned that it drys hard. What hard means pertaining to rubber could just mean that its not tacky when dry. Hopefully it will still have some flexibility when cured.
  4. Haven't done what you're asking but Parts Express has lots of speakers and speaker parts. https://www.parts-express.com
  5. berniebeaudry


    I beta tested these and gave the unit a few good slams on the concrete floor of my basement. Didn't break anything.
  6. Thanks for the input Phillip! I never re patch my BDS unless I'm adding something and I could have all of the outputs available as cables for adding whatever, whenever and still take up less room in the bargain!
  7. Nice work and designs! I'm working on a hard case design for my SD 833. I have an extra Remote Audio BDS v2 and was going to use it in my build. As small as it is I'm not liking the space it takes up when you connect the cables to it. I'm toying with the idea of modifying it and having hard wired leads coming into and out of it, or just using the parts inside and eliminating the box altogether. Of course the circuits would have to be protected, and its not a perfect solution so I'm curious what others think of this idea.
  8. I get the impression that your producer is unhappy with clothing noise on your tracks. Sometimes wardrobe is just noisy no matter what you do. You can likely hear it on the boom as well. You were seeing the wardrobe for the first time and it would seem they didn't provide choices that would be less problematical. Feeling rushed isn't ideal especially when the clothing choices are a problem. I think you did the best you could under the circumstances you outlined. Lots of great advice in the previous comments. The only thing you can do is be as prepared and organized as possible and try not to let them pressure you so much when you need more time to get things right. You are a department head and deserve the opportunity to do your job to the best of your ability as well.
  9. How do the lavs sound? The ability to get reverb under control in post has really gotten pretty good. Izotope, Accentize, Acon Digital, Zynaptiq are all decent options to try. Of course you want to do what you can on location but its often not practical or effective. I have all of the programs mentioned. I'd be happy to do a test for you and see how effectively the reverb can be reduced.
  10. Email Pete. I'm fairly certain the upgrade will solve your problem but he can tell you for sure. I had a Schoeps upgrade done by him and his work is impeccable! He made an over 20 year old mic sound as good as the new ones. Its so affordable why not get all of your mics upgraded and free yourself from those barrels?
  11. Fox sports has been using Shure this year for the sideline reporters and parabolic mics. Really good sounding gear.
  12. They used to have a body pack size receiver in their analogue range. They discontinued it. Its range was very impressive.
  13. Contact the manufacturer. They're pretty responsive via email. I have several TL-40s and didn't notice higher self noise. They do have a hotter signal the the COS 11.
  14. I attended this workshop early in my career (over 30 years ago). At that time I went to Rockport Maine where the college is located, and it was a three day visit. I wish Mark had been the instructor then.
  15. If the cameras are to have an esoteric timecode input the manufacturers should at least provide the proper cable so we don't have to buy it or stress about ours working.
  16. Sounds like a bad ground. Something loose could certainly cause a noise like this.
  17. Piggy backing on the winter apparel scenario coming up in the colder climates. Fleece makes a really good sounding wind barrier. I did a skiing shoot years ago and I put the lav in the neck gators both talent were wearing. Twenty mile an hour winds and downhill skiing. What could go wrong? You have to test to make sure you're not muffling the mic, but if you do it right its pretty transparent. BB
  18. If it is a real fire I'd suggest using lavs in addition to the boom. From experience the pops and crackling from a real wood fire can be very hard to minimize and properly placed lavs with give you a little more isolation. Bernie
  19. Such smart people we have in this forum!
  20. Interesting that the noise floor is an issue being that the specs are almost identical between the the MK4 and the MK41. I don't quite understand the MixAssist reference. Is it the combination of the MK4 and the Cut 1 that increases the noise floor? Or is the wider pattern picking up something environmentally that the MK41 isn't? Just got me curious as I might want to add that capsule someday. Trey, that interview sounds really great!
  21. Along the same lines. Local TV news depiction. Newsrooms full of people, Fisher boom, mics clipped on wrong etc., etc.
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