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  1. Hey Jeff, I stopped using Movie Slate after purchasing the Cantar X3. I have been very happy with the results. I started Season 1 on This Is Us with Movie Slate then transitioned to the X3 generated reports after checking with post and they were completely fine with the transition with no push back at all. And no the Cantar X3 and Movie Slate do not communicate with one another. Not yet anyway. Not saying that there is plans for Aaton to but knowing the folks at Aaton my guess is they will not have a firmware version update letting the two communicate. I added a page from one of my X3 generated reports. Kriky Just to add the report can be customized to your liking not unlike a spread sheet. Cantar X3 Report.pdf
  2. I'll be looking forward to seeing one. I have a Cantarem 2 on order. But would most likely purchase a Cantaress once they are released.
  3. We like that indeed! :-) To clarify on when I mention $20k I was also including the Canteram II as part of the pricing. I still don't think it's expensive for what the machine can do. Folks will spend that much on a Sonasax mixer alone. We have options into today's market and plenty of choices for all levels of sound recording which is a great thing. Kriky
  4. Great review and yes I read between the lines. It is exactly what I was hoping for from a user of the X3. I appreciate you taking the time to write up a well detailed description of your experience. Your review confirms my perception of the X3 and I suspect I will be placing an order for one in the near future. Thanks! Kriky
  5. Hey David. I used to have an X1. I'm currently using a Cooper, Deva 5.8 and a 788t. I want to move away from the cooper and the Deva 5.8 for higher track count. I'll replace the cooper and deva 5.8 with the a X3/Canteram 2. Looking to the future I would like to ultimately have (when and if they are released) a Dante enabled Lectro Venue system with a X3 and 970 for a back-up system. I will keep my 788t/CL8 for those small over the should moments or as a SFX recorder. I think the 688/CL12 is an impressive machine for the $$ but to be honest $20k to me, if I get 10+ years out of the recorder, is really only one week of equipment rental per year for the 10 years. It's the initial cost that makes it seem so steep. Kriky
  6. I'm aware of the delivery options out there. I'm just curious what users are experiencing. What they like and dislike about it. From what I can tell there is very little to dislike thought I'm sure there are folks that might have a difference of opinion. Anyway, was hoping to get some pros and cons on the recorder from its users. Thanks Kriky
  7. I'm considering purchasing a X3 in the near future. I was wondering if X3 users can give some of their feed back on real life experience with the X3. Pros and Cons? It would be greatly appreciated to know how people are getting along with it. Thanks! Kriky
  8. Wow, Tom! That sure was a mouth full. Very helpful tid bits I didn't take into consideration. Thanks! Kriky
  9. Thanks all!! Any and all info is helpful and I appreciate the replies. It does help! And thank you Jeff for the email. I live in Burbank and Burbank Water and Power still offers an incentive program that has to be applied for by July. I'll start there. I'm still undecided if lease or purchase is the best. Net-metering seems like the most practical way to go. One thing with Burbank Water and Power is they do not offer cash back if you're feeding power back to the grid. And from my understanding if I were to lease the lease company takes the incentives. If Burbank is offering a $4k incentive it might make sense to purchase. I have yet to do the numbers. I'm in the collecting info stage. Thanks again! Kriky
  10. I'll have to give Mark a call. I'm just gathering information at the moment so any advice or ideas are very much welcomed. Thanks Kriky
  11. My wife and I are in the process of adding an addition to our house. I was thinking about installing solar power. We have great sun exposure so I think it will be a worthy investment. If anyone has any recommendation as to which solar company to use it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Kriky
  12. The problem isn't with the Cantar. The Cantar is an awesome machine. I was an X1 owner and I used a Fostex PD4 bag which was cut to make use of the left side rotary dial. Access to the top wasn't a problem because it stuck up enough to get at everything. This wasn't ideal and in fact I found no bag solution ideal. So Cantar users adapt to what is at there disposal. The big issue isn't with the Cantar it is that manufacturers aren't making a suitable Cantar bag. Manufacturers are trying to fabricate a bag that will suit multi able recorders. As they should. 300+ bags isn't worth the time and effort for any manufacture to make a Cantar only bag. But until there is a bag that is designed around the Cantar for the Cantar and with mixers using the Cantar there most likely won't be a perfect solution. Kriky
  13. Has anyone been using Digital Performer? Being that I own a MOTU 828x interface I was thinking it could be a very capable system to be used for playback.
  14. I have noticed on a rare occasion the battery life wouldn't last as long. I attributed it to a bad battery. But maybe not. I just checked my transmitters and checked one that I had just sent in to get the LCD screen replaced. It looks like they did replace the washer you are speaking of. I took a pic of the transmitter that was just returned to me yesterday against the old washer so folks know what to look for even though you have posted a how to PDF. Thanks for posting this! Kriky The transmitter on the left is the new washer and thumbscrew.
  15. My PT rig is PT11, MacBook Pro, Motu 828x and an Artist Mix + Transport. I have a small Mackie 8 channel mixer for VoG and also for feeding my power amps for the speakers. I find passive speakers are easier to move and you do not need to run AC to them. As for the TC. Now with the ease of importing and exporting sound files TC is sometimes, and probably more often then not, isn't really needed. Just send your output mix to the mixer so he can record an ISO. That would usually be enough for syncing the music track. But if it is requested then I would do the same as Greg. There are a few ways to make this happen. You can ask post to supply TC audio file with the music. (simple) or You can generate your own TC audio track. How I do that is... I use the MOTU SMPTE GEN/READER App and generate TC that starts at 59:20. (Any TC Generator would work for this also) I send the TC output on the MOTU interface and send it into an audio input. Lets say input 8 on the Motu interface. I will select input 8 on a record track in PT. I select my TC input on the app to the same channel input 8 so PT will see the incoming TC. (PT will sync to incoming TC through the app but will not generate Session TC unless you have a PT HD system. So if you want to generate TC you need a TC audio track or a PT HD system) Once PT is seeing the incoming TC on your channel 8 input/track and on your Motu App you can set your PT session to start at 59:30tc in the session window. Arm your record track and put PT online. go back to your Motu SMPTE app and type in your time code 59:20tc then start generating. PTs transport should start blinking. When the TC hits 59:30 (session start) PT will start recording. Record a 5-10min TC track. Now you can import that into any session and have it snap at original TC to place in a new session. The TC track will now match your session display. Your hour 1 TC audio track will land at your hour 1 PT session display. I hope I explained this well enough for people to understand it. It is very simple to do and doesn't take much set up. What takes up most of the time is the time it takes to record the TC track. I created a bunch of different TC sound files this way. I import them when needed. I added a pic of my PT rigs. I set it up this way with the transport because I was triggering dialog for a feature I just worked on. With the transport you can set up macros which made life very easy for triggering dialog cues. And with the mix I was able to mute and unmute tracks quickly. Kriky
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