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  1. chris_bollard

    #metoo and sexism in general

    Mic'ing up is one of the more demanding parts of our job. IMO you need to explain simply and succinctly what you need to do, while gauging the talents reaction and hopefully putting them at ease as much as possible. If they are adults and uncomfortable I talk them through how to mic themselves, and I live with the results even if it's not as good as what I would have potentially done. Ruining their day, or scaring them emotionally isn't worth a little bit less clothing noise.
  2. chris_bollard

    How often do you get clean lines on lavs?

    But sometimes you just can't boom. As has been said, every time you place a mic you get better at it. I always chat to the subject first, before mic'ing up. It maybe relaxes them and allows me to evaluate the clothes they are wearing and how they move and interact with their wardrobe. If necessary I ask about what they are wearing under the top layer, and if they manscape or moisturise. With luck it's okay one the first attempt; I've been doing it for a long time so I feel I should get it right first up. If I'm not happy I'm ready and prepared to jump in as possible until I am happy. I'm not prepared to spend a full work day being unhappy with how a concealed mic sounds. It's one of the challenges of the gig.
  3. chris_bollard

    BDS connectors

    One the Bay. I tend to over engineer things so after soldering I fill the case with hot glue and secure the cable exit with dual wall heat shrink. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F141615613124
  4. chris_bollard

    BDS connectors

  5. chris_bollard

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    Thanks. Spoke to Lectro and got and clear explanation.
  6. chris_bollard

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    Yes. Block C1.
  7. chris_bollard

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    This is for Larry, or one of his engineers. I have one SR-C that I use in my kit with 411a and PSC RF Multi. I seem to experience higher RF sensitivity with the SR-C compared to the 411a. That is, it exhibits RF overload way before the 411 do. In a complex multi Radio mic situation (20-30 mics) it's hard to balance what the SR-C needs as against the 411. It also suffers from two way radio interference in a random way. When stands in front of me and keys on sometimes there is no interference, sometimes one frequency will drop out, but at another "key on" a different frequency will be effected. Getting distance between the antenna and the two way radio helps. I had thought of replacing all my 411 with SR-C but not really going to move forward with it while there are these problems.
  8. chris_bollard

    Transmitter SMA Connector

    Hi Larry Thanks for the clarification. The BEST connector for the job and nothing else in the market that comes close.
  9. chris_bollard

    Transmitter SMA Connector

    Thanks Mike, but I am looking for the type of connector that Lectro uses for their Transmitter antennas. The centre pin is solder and there is a compression rubber grommet that locks the cable in place.
  10. chris_bollard

    SRb + PSC Rf Multi SMA?

    From my experience the Src seems to have a more sensitive Rf front end than the 411 when I use it with the RF multi Maybe Larry has some info about this?
  11. chris_bollard

    Transmitter SMA Connector

    Sorry but that makes absolutely no sense....
  12. chris_bollard

    Transmitter SMA Connector

    Does anyone here know the make of the SMA Connector that Lectro uses for their transmitter antennas?
  13. chris_bollard

    Success with Non Approved Series 6 Media

    Like I said dailies are CF. All sorted there. 64 Gb are kind of in between for me. Maybe get 4 days on it. Would be nice to get a whole week and do the dump to back up hard drive at the end of the week. And it seems that the list of approved media hasn't changed or expanded for a long time - some of what is on it is no longer available.
  14. chris_bollard

    Success with Non Approved Series 6 Media

    Thanks Chris I mate has confirmed that the Lexar 128 Gb 600x SD card works. I bought the 633x and that most definitely does not work ; freeze and locks out that drive
  15. chris_bollard

    Success with Non Approved Series 6 Media

    I've been looking at getting 128/256 Gb SD cards to use in my 688 and 633 to use as the back up media. The approved SanDisk 128 appears to be no longer available. Is anyone successfully running larger capacity Non Approved SD cards?