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  1. I own an mkh50 and recently bought a M310, the M310 has now become my main mic i use for interior dialogue..its a great mic..very RF resistant..
  2. I realise you will want 2 x channels but if during rehearse etc and your hearing switching see what happens if you change diversity to ratio mode and if it goes away?
  3. Im another convert to the M310 its a great mic..i now use it more than my mkh50..Richard
  4. Hi The msh 10 i have often used as mono mic its very close to my mkh50 a tad brighter and has good reach..when doing m/s exterior i keep using the msh10 for dialougue the reach is good outside with decent side rejection and a fairly smooth off axis fits in a rycote 2 windshiend a tad too big for windshield 1 ..its about the same s/n as schoeps, about 18 months ago Pearl made me a rfi bullet proof board for msh10 as it was getting wiped out by my zax tx hop. The S capsule is little bit noiser than the mid but not by very much not something i notice in normal filming envroment. Richard
  5. The Pearl MSH 10 excellant m/s mic for doc work.
  6. I thought the erx tc issue with arri is the high jitter rate on all zaxcom timecode and the new arri firmware relaxed its criteria for stable timecode..?
  7. Try Kris Jarosz in uk krisaudioservices@gmail.com
  8. Any MBHO questions def ask JP at Nohype..
  9. The tacit cable is very susceptible to RFI i found it unuseable any where near a tx antenna...one of the reasons its discontinued..
  10. Or whose receivers aes digital outputs will not work with Sony Cameras..
  11. r.paterson


    Portable dual channel tx for Duet to start with?
  12. Ive posted a few times on zaxcom.FB group about this very issue but silence from zaxcom..i find it hard to believe zaxcom dont have a legal case against sony if every other portable aes output receiver , audio ltd, lectrosonics (withbaes adaptor) ,wysicom, sony all work perfectly aes into the F5/F55 and allowed by Sony but the only manufacturer that wont work is Zaxcom!..because sony wont let them!..one of the work flows requested in uk with f55 is camera mic ch1/2 and aes mix l/r on ch3/4..which you cant do with zaxcom so have to hire a different hop system..very frustrating ..
  13. If you have a 200mghz band receiver and wideband tx and you need to spread over the entire band due to other use across the band then a wideband rf dist is all you can use?, the micplexer is a sliding 35mghz window for all outputs as i inderstand..ideally we need a wideband rf dist with tuneable 25-35mghz window on each of the rf dist output pairs..which i thought Audio wireless rf dist was going to be but its a tuneable 25mghz window across all rf dist outputs ..
  14. Hello Mike thanks for the info much appreciated..do you use m310 on interior boom and if so how do you find it..about to pull the trigger on buying one..thanks richard
  15. Hello is there any users using the Microtech Gefell M310 and if so have you usd it with a zaxcom hop in bag any intererence from.the zax digital am modulation?..thanks Richard
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