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  1. Hello unfortunately i cant post link as its on a closed Private FB group..but it looks like canford audio (panamic owners and manufacturing now) might be aware of the issues..i would contact Canford Audio ...
  2. There is a recent post on a FB group about issues with quality and problems with newer Panamic boom poles since Canford Audio took over and changed production...
  3. Only US. lectro Hybrid TX can change Compander mode to mode 3..EU version have only HYB or IFB mode..
  4. I bought m310 from this company they shipped it to UK. Link is for m310 pair but i bought a single m310 its on thier site somewhere..very good service.. https://broadcaststoreeurope.com/shop/527-studio-microphones/13788-microtech-gefell--m-310-stereo-set-condenser-microphones/
  5. https://www.mozegear.com/mini-papi
  6. Pearl made an RF mod to my MSH 10 and its bullet proof now RFI wise can use it ab inch from my zaxcom.tx no issues..
  7. I Highly recommend the Pearl MSH 10...hyper M with S..quiet and good reach..
  8. Here is zax rf mod document.. https://zaxcom.com/maxx-rf-spray-modification/
  9. You will also want to get the rf mod done to the maxx or you will get RF spray all over your receivers..( it's a change with the tc bnc) if using the internal tx that will also need a mod done..
  10. Hi Jon thanks for the great feed back..Richard
  11. Hello is anyone using the Portabrace Silent Ao633s bag in the field and if so how do find it? Thanks Richard
  12. I own an mkh50 and recently bought a M310, the M310 has now become my main mic i use for interior dialogue..its a great mic..very RF resistant..
  13. I realise you will want 2 x channels but if during rehearse etc and your hearing switching see what happens if you change diversity to ratio mode and if it goes away?
  14. Im another convert to the M310 its a great mic..i now use it more than my mkh50..Richard
  15. Hi The msh 10 i have often used as mono mic its very close to my mkh50 a tad brighter and has good reach..when doing m/s exterior i keep using the msh10 for dialougue the reach is good outside with decent side rejection and a fairly smooth off axis fits in a rycote 2 windshiend a tad too big for windshield 1 ..its about the same s/n as schoeps, about 18 months ago Pearl made me a rfi bullet proof board for msh10 as it was getting wiped out by my zax tx hop. The S capsule is little bit noiser than the mid but not by very much not something i notice in normal filming envroment. Richard
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