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  1. Disclaimer fromm ACE website with the dc block cables..
  2. Lots of reports of damaged units due to 48v ..i have a dc blocking cable it only works if you plug in xlr and wait a few secords for the capacitor etc to charge then plug in the mini jack not practicable in real world, if cam operator flicks switch to 48v as even with dc block cable if someone flicks switch to 48v then it will still cause a high voltage spike for a few seconds and destroy the MR2..a transformer is only real solution but cant get any small enough to fit in an xlr other than mic level transformers..i also find the noise floor very bad if trying to go in mic level..
  3. I thought it was to do with the current draw from the DPA the HMa couldnt handle the current draw from DPA.... edit looking at specs i think i remembered wrongly..
  4. r.paterson

    New SD 833

    Isnt tracks 7 and 8 on the 833 record only as its re routing the return imput to record tracks but i dont think you can mix input 7/8 onto a mix bus so handy for recording playback etc but not extra radio mics inless just for iso..i may be wrong tho..
  5. Hello unfortunately i cant post link as its on a closed Private FB group..but it looks like canford audio (panamic owners and manufacturing now) might be aware of the issues..i would contact Canford Audio ...
  6. There is a recent post on a FB group about issues with quality and problems with newer Panamic boom poles since Canford Audio took over and changed production...
  7. Only US. lectro Hybrid TX can change Compander mode to mode 3..EU version have only HYB or IFB mode..
  8. I bought m310 from this company they shipped it to UK. Link is for m310 pair but i bought a single m310 its on thier site somewhere..very good service.. https://broadcaststoreeurope.com/shop/527-studio-microphones/13788-microtech-gefell--m-310-stereo-set-condenser-microphones/
  9. https://www.mozegear.com/mini-papi
  10. Pearl made an RF mod to my MSH 10 and its bullet proof now RFI wise can use it ab inch from my zaxcom.tx no issues..
  11. I Highly recommend the Pearl MSH 10...hyper M with S..quiet and good reach..
  12. Here is zax rf mod document.. https://zaxcom.com/maxx-rf-spray-modification/
  13. You will also want to get the rf mod done to the maxx or you will get RF spray all over your receivers..( it's a change with the tc bnc) if using the internal tx that will also need a mod done..
  14. Hi Jon thanks for the great feed back..Richard
  15. Hello is anyone using the Portabrace Silent Ao633s bag in the field and if so how do find it? Thanks Richard
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