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  1. Ill take at guess at a SRb form.Digital receiver and an SSM form digital Tx..
  2. Used to have an Otari timecode studio dat machine we used cost a fortune it would regulary jam tapes and ended up unused in a store room..
  3. Chris Watson a well known recordist on nature programmes uses DPA460 in a standard rycote basket (One DPA either end of the rycote support bar) for his Ambience recordings..
  4. I have mentioned on other threads the Pearl MSH 10 is an MS single mic designed for documentary run and gun style..good reach on exteriors and sounds good indoors as it is more a hypercardiod tho described as short shotgun by Pearl.....
  5. Without the 1k resistor you get an increase in distortion ..you can wire servo bias for lectro tx without a 1k resistor that wire (white?) goes straight to pin 5 with no resistor, instead of going thru a 1k to pin 1..servo bias is the prefered method if wiring..
  6. Intermittent with TC isnt as big issue as if a bad genlock connector due to 50ohm plug .intermitent genlock on camera will ruin the entire video recording for that take..so best to stick to 75 ohm bnc for tc and genlock..
  7. All bnc tc os 75 ohm 50ohm connectors will eventusly trash the tc socket..its to do with pin diam..if yiu look at a socket you can tell right away what is 50 ohm.and 75 ohm https://labrigger.com/blog/2012/10/05/use-50-ohm-bncs-not-75-ohm/
  8. Those are helical antennas and not very efficient..i would if you dont have other whip anntenas cut a couple of 7 inch bits of straight thin wire and without damaging tje sma socket poke wire into socets and do a walk.test if you are getting further than before then its prob the anntemas..those audio ltd are from the mid nineties pre diversity so getting on now so could be a off tune issue as well..there are two diff freqs make sure and try both..
  9. I would try a sanken cs3e its the best shotgun type mic indoors with reflections etc due to its 3 x capsules..has great reach doesnt have as much issues with comb filtering etc as standard interference tube shotgun microphones..
  10. Hm set to 15v not 48v? Or HM not outputting full 48v?
  11. Neumamn km185 is psueda balanced positive is on pin 3 not pin 2..i suspect something with screen on cable as km185vis essntialy unbalnced a balanced microphone like your Rode will work without a screen..do yku have any wirelss hops on bag that could be bleeding thru a bad screen...
  12. Zoom dont even offer a repair service for their products..the cedar price is to make it worth while to both companies since cedar will be losing sales of the stand alone unit IMHO..
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