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  1. I try and do it tomorrow! ..bubblebee dont make a windkiller that dism 29mm however i believe they made a bespoke version for neumann rsm191 which is the same diam 29-30mm..i use bubble spacer /fur and also windkiller on all my other mics very impressed with them...
  2. I use the rycote #2 windshield kit and suspension..and a rycote inv-9 for when interior ..the pearl msh 10 is a tad too long for the Rycote windshield #1..its the same diam as the neumann rsm 191 so quite a thick mic..i havent found any other manufacturer that does a suspension for that mic diam 29mm.
  3. I cant recommend the Pearl.MSH 10 enough..its not that compact a bit longer than a sennheiser 8060 fits in a rycote 2 basket ..the hyper (M) capsule is great in mono int and ext.. The S has about the same S/n as the schoeps fig 8 the M is very quiet..the very latest version has good RFI protection..older versions can have new RFI board fitted..
  4. I seem to remember an email.from sound devices when i asked about true line inputs, saying that after the 552 ..the line inputs on all channels were true line inputs ie bypassing the micpreamp...788t,6 series etc.
  5. I think its the antenna phase switching on. Lectro thats freaking out..i got same with srb chsnged from.swith mode (phase anteena mode) to Ratio mode (true diverdity mode) and the ussue went away..try spacing antennas far appart..
  6. Ive still got an as new goldline system it works great tho i never use it now..i was using it with an SD MM1 preamp as wireless boom it sounded great..(limiter disabled on tx) the most difficult thing is finding someone who can solder the mini 4 pin lemo which needs SMD Capacitors fitted inside as well to stop RFI. Ive used the goldline tx with a qrx 100 no prob was on US Mono mode..
  7. It could also be the current draw from the plug in tx isnt sufficient....
  8. First deliveries of wysicom quad receiver in mid feb according to the uk dealer.
  9. r.paterson

    DCHT & M2R

    Sadly Ive gone back to using my zax hop, my line setting with MR2 is fine with c300 but too low for sony line in, ive found the MR2 noise floor is very audable if feeding sony's at mic level ..my DCHT and MR2 currently back in the box til i can figure out a usuable setting with Sony's..borrowing an fs7 to do some controlled tests..
  10. Disclaimer fromm ACE website with the dc block cables..
  11. Lots of reports of damaged units due to 48v ..i have a dc blocking cable it only works if you plug in xlr and wait a few secords for the capacitor etc to charge then plug in the mini jack not practicable in real world, if cam operator flicks switch to 48v as even with dc block cable if someone flicks switch to 48v then it will still cause a high voltage spike for a few seconds and destroy the MR2..a transformer is only real solution but cant get any small enough to fit in an xlr other than mic level transformers..i also find the noise floor very bad if trying to go in mic level..
  12. I thought it was to do with the current draw from the DPA the HMa couldnt handle the current draw from DPA.... edit looking at specs i think i remembered wrongly..
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