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  1. Bubblebee spacer kit.small 5cm version.. An option. https://www.bubblebeeindustries.com/products/the-spacer-bubble
  2. I use a 1.8k resistor which matches my sanken cos11 level wise, usually around 26 on lectro tx for normal. Dialogue I suspect no resistor in the ta5.
  3. Cover sole /heel with black gorrila gaffa tape then stick foot foam to the back gorrila tape
  4. I thought the new neumanns would be great udea but very low output in the specs i think will make it useless for car plant mics etc..
  5. I see you are uk based..No not easy to diy fix..call Kris Jarosv krisaudioservices@gmail.com London based..does UK Sound Devices repairs highly recommended and carries spares for Sound Devices..Kris looked after my 788t along with a lot of other 788t users . Very reasonably priced
  6. I had that issue early on there is a power transitor that blows..it was a fairly easy fix by SD..sounds like the same issue maybe..also there is a relay for the internal batts ..you can hear it click if you listen closeky when you select internal batt charge..the relay may be an issue?..
  7. Its proximity ie distance to the lectro receivers antennas ..have the hop antennta ie coaxil dipole antenna on harness high up strap with tip in free air ie poking up over your shoulder into the air..and make sure zaxnet is off on the trxcl3 if you are not using zaxnet..if you do scans at the moment you should see a noise floor from the trxcl3..then do a scan with the trxcl3 switched off..and compare..if cleaner thats what it will be like with a ciaxil.dipole on harness..
  8. remote the trxcl3 antenna to your harness.. lectro do a coaxil dipole antenna thats ideal..see youtube on how to build yourself..worth it even for testing.. also make sure you have about40- 50 mghz seperation between talent and hop https://www.lectrosonics.com/the-wire-lists/869-wire-lists-24-making-a-coaxial-dipole-antenna-with-6-items-in-8-easy-steps.html
  9. Should mention The S on 418 is very noisy..
  10. The Pearl MSH 10 is a great short gun/hyper M/S mic for documentary very resistant to humidity etc..(The newer version has RFI resistance ) The M sounds good indoors as well and has good reach.
  11. Did you try setting to focus mode..there is a fault that happens in th e receiver trying to decode what it thinks is a stereo signal and you only get one leg switch to focus mode forces it into mono mode and its in both ears worth testing.
  12. If only in one ear try focus mode on recriver..i have had isdues with the stereo decoder in some receivers focus mode fixes it....also check the balance sttings on iem receiver
  13. Hi Thanks for all the ppsitive feedback, eill be placing my order with my local lectro dealer.
  14. Hello i was wondering there is anyone using lectro 822 receivers purely in hybrid mode and if so are you happy with performance/range and no audio artifacts etc.. I am looking at getting 4 x 822 receivers and using with my hybrid tx only..and eventually replace with digital d2 tx. But that wont be for some time. Looking for some real world user experience purely in the hybrid domain. Many thanks Richard
  15. Fujitsu batteries are the original eneloop batteries..they all come from the Fujitsu factory..and then rebranded.
  16. Anyone used the f2 and looped out headphone to a tx?
  17. Signal to noise and dpa will need 5v unless its dpa 4063..Ambient is the quietest adaptor imho.
  18. You can buy the circuit board itself.. https://www.trewaudio.com/product/audio-ltd-a-filter/
  19. The rear of the bowtie is a null so you han have hop anttens placed facing the null..
  20. Line out on DCHR. Analogue at +5db is -10db out at odb ie -20 on DCHT isnt 0db but -10db in level..so you need 10db more gain to reach 0db on fs7 hence level pots at full to just reach -20db..not ideal..before i have set DCHR out to -6 and on fs7 set mic sensitivity menu to -40db and use mic level (not. Mic 48v) pots on fs7 at about 40%.
  21. Could it be due to latency difference with digital hybrid.?
  22. The other thing to note is the denecle 48v passes the 48v thru to the output so even unbalanced you are hitting g3 or wysi with 48v hence putting isolating transformer on the output of the denecke.
  23. I suspects its the unbalancing out of the denecke into the g3 or wysi..the lectro plug in is psuedo balanced..i have and i know others have added a 200 ohm 1:1 transformer on the output of the denecke its simple to add and thas solves a multitude of issues and alows an unbalnced output without issues. Neutrik do a 200ohn 1:1 transformer which is a perfect fit in the denecke
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