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  1. Brian

    Problem with Lectrosonic HMA

    Good point with the contacts and the cleaning. will check
  2. Brian

    Problem with Lectrosonic HMA

    I have been using the older one without issue for years. Just recently I had experience the motor boating issue. This was towards the end of the shoot day. I replaced batteries and switched from my CMIT 5u to a CMC6MK41 and solved the issue. I have to test it this weekend to find out if its an issue with the plug on or if its and issue with the CMIT 5u Other experiences with the motor boating would be welcomed
  3. Brian

    DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    I don't want to gain the HMa up anymore than I have to. It's the weakest point in the signal chain. In quiet situations you start to hear it.
  4. Brian

    Deva 24 seminar

    Cantar will most likely be the more expensive machine, but maybe not that much more.
  5. Brian

    DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    Awesome information guys. Thanks so much. I just tested the Mics yesterday both hardwired and thru a Lectro HM plug-on, into venue, and into Cantar X3. My thoughts. I love the way the 4017B sounds. Very natural and transparent sound, almost "clinical" whereas the CMIT comparatively sounded slightly coloured. I thought they sounded similar at about 2 feet away, but once the schoeps got closer, proximity effect was much more pronounced. The 4017 acted like a longer MK41 to me, not necessarily "shotgun" like. Noise floor seemed to be the same. My only concern was this. The 4017 had considerably lower output then the CMIT and even my MK4. I'm talking 10 db at the preamp on the Cantar x3. That was slightly alarming for me as when it gets quiet with scenes I am struggling sometimes with the noise floor of the HMa. With another 10db needed I feel it would reveal maybe to much of the wireless noise floor that we all deal with. I am talking about quiet sets and quiet locations only. Usually it's negligible. I tested the mic because I wanted another shotgun in the kit with a full cinela indoor and outdoor mounting system. So my investment will be large. Can anyone comment on the output levels between each? Thanks again. If I was not to buy 4017b, my choice would be mini CMIT. Thanks for all your thoughts, very appreciative of all your feedback Brian
  6. Brian

    DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    Hey guys, Recently I mixed a scene with the DPA 4060's on talent with 2 DPA 4098 as plant mics in a car. Wow. I was very impressed by how well they mixed together. No phasing issues. So now I'm interested in using the shotgun (DPA 4017b) with the 4060's. Can anyone with real experience with the DPA compare it's sound quality to the CMIT 5U?. I have been using the Schoeps without issue and own 2 CMC6 bodies with MK4 and MK41 capsules. I'm thinking of switching over mainly because of how well the mix went with all DPA Mics. On Monday I am meeting a colleague to compare on Monday thru a Cantar x-3, but looking for owner feedback, Positive or negative. Thanks in advance. Brian H
  7. Brian

    Ursa Strap

    I agree with Robert, it's a bit of a scam to sell it separately. I have not tried them yet but I'm intrigued.
  8. Brian

    DPA 4098 - first impressions

    I ran into the same problem, except the tube actually broke off while mounting it. Very Very fragile.. Bad design. it should be more robust. I have taped it back on and sounds fine, but sucks to have broken it on day one of use. If an actor brushed it with their head it would bend in an instant. FYI.
  9. Brian

    PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    What bag size is that? I have an Cantar x-3 that I want to use the PSC six pack with. Looks like the Orca 42 is the one, but curious to know which one is in this picture. thanks!
  10. Brian

    DPA 4017C

    Friend of mine just bought this mic and loves the sound , but found that the foam that came with it is just not great at attenuation wind when moving the mic indoors from side to side. Besides the tact cable, is there a special indoor foam that people are using with success.?
  11. Brian

    Ultrasone headphones for location work. Which ones?

    I love the ath m50x. Used to wear 7506, then went to Hd-25's. bag work only now with the Hd-25's except when I require more isolation. Some seinheiser hd 280's for a while then I did a day with the At's... never went back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Brian

    Control surface vs mixer

    I am a fan of the control surface. I thought for a bit about a Sonosax sx-st. they had a very nice sale a couple of years ago. I ended up using cl9-788t rig on the cart, and Cantar x1. In the bag. I even had the bag with Cantar on the cart when I started, but track count mounted and routing became an issue. I settled this time on a Cantarx3 And cantarem. Could not be happier. Is the sonosax the better sounding rig... ok maybe, but not by much. I love the small footprint, resistance to the elements, and I can have the same sound in the bag. If your a nut about the preamps, sonosax wins over the SD stuff. Cantar for me gives me the best of both world. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Brian

    Aaton Cantar X3 user feedback?

    Just put a deposit on mine. I can't wait. I've been an X1 user for a while now and switched to a 788t-CL-9 combo. 7888 was more for Track count purposes. I have taken advantage of the trade in offer, so the x1 will leave me. I plan on selling both 788t's (I have 2 of them) and plan on getting a smaller lightweight solution for the bag. Not sure what yet. Thanks for all the information above and I feel great to be a part of the X-3 crew. Looking forward to sharing my experiences with the new Recorder. B
  14. Brian

    Cart based equipment chain

    Keep it simple. It has always been my way of doing things. Less cables, AES, Blah blah. It's OK to think about fidelity. We all do. But someone made great point about field work. It's field work. I am working on REIGN Season 4. It can be dusty, dirty, muddy, Raining, Snowing.. I use Tommy's setup above. I have a second 788t for backup. I plan on getting the Cantar-X3. I own an X1. For me I like having a dedicated machine. It's designed for our purpose, and for what it's worth, I like that piece of mind. My work for a long time was Documentary. I would be in the middle of nowhere in Africa. If I can't roll, big trouble. I know a few guys who run a laptop setup, and it's fine for them. I'm just not comfortable with it. It is preference.
  15. Brian

    Cantaress announced at NAB

    Keep us posted. I'm debating all the time about a SxST purchase vs Cantar X3 and Cantaress purchase... I'm about to read the Cantar-X3 Manual right now